Aziatix Review

First Impression
I heard about Aziatix through Twitter about a month ago. (Yay social networking sites ^^) The people I follow listened to “Go” and made comments like “OMG AZIATIX!!” and “WHY DO THEY ONLY HAVE ONE SONG!?” but I didn’t really find any interest in them until weeks later. I remember them seeming like a one-hit-wonder kind of group.

The Talent/Sounds
The song “I Love You” from the JYJ CD “The Beginning” is where I first encountered this nonpareil voice. Seriously, I have never heard a voice like this and it flows so well with his music. His raps are the attention catcher of a song, and the tones are utterly enjoyable. His straightforward lyrics go perfectly with his voice and style of rapping. I’m a huge Micky Park Yoochun fan and I hate to admit it but I listened to “I Love You” because of Flowsik’s parts.

Nicky Lee
I haven’t heard of Nicky Lee before Aziatix, and that makes me wonder why because his falsetto is one of the most marvelous falsetto’s I’ve ever heard! Since I don’t have much information to go off of I’ll just say that Nicky has really nice control over his voice vibrato at a high pitch and smooth note fluctuations.

Eddie Shin
The amount of emotion that Eddie Shin reverberates through his voice makes his sweet voice all the more pleasant. With piano playing accompanying his vocals you can picture him as a genuine musician. Eddie please seldomly use auto-tune on that strong, charming, heartfelt voice.

Jae Chong
Let me first say that…I didn’t know that you produced JYJ’s first album! I’ve honestly not heard anything else from you besides that and Aziatix’s stuff…but from what I can hear and see you are a good producer. I’ve noticed that you interact with the fans a lot which is always a must in music. It makes Aziaddicts like me really happy when we get a response from part of the team.

Each person in Aziatix contributes something unique to their overall sound. My descriptions above barely gave any justice to Aziatix’s character. If someone were to listen to their single “Go” there would be a very slim chance of someone not liking it. Their sound is enjoyable to those who hardly pay attention and amazing to those who sit down and listen to it on repeat. Aziatix couldn’t have said it any better: “There’s some really good chemistry going on.”

The Image
Clean cut, pretty basic, and real. Eddie never cut your hair! haha~

Aziatix has many exceptional aspects to work with in creating their future sounds. I’m expecting nothing less than amazing and memorable music from them. I hope that they put their all into and take advantage of what they’ve been given. I also hope that they will be given the attention and love they deserve.

It’s hard not to be an Aziaddict.

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