July 2011: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Selling crabs in a bucket on the street.
They said that they added “Hollywood” to the store name to make it more modernized.
Every vehicle runs on diesel.
Some people wear traditional clothing while others are sporting western wear.

My uncle’s pet guinea pigs playing in a backyard.
Normal bumper to bumper traffic.
A simple structure with 2 wheels is considered a part of traffic as well.
Kitchens are located outside of the house.
The name of Madagascar’s capital on a hill similar to the Hollywood sign in California.
Market place grains.
Selling donated cooking oil from the USA in a store. If it doesn’t say America or American on the product then the Malagasy people think that it was donated from Russia or some other country.
Rice and wheat sold at a market place.
Malagasy people still hold the tradition of balancing items on their heads when transporting from place to place.
Coal and bags of hay in storage.
Local kids playing with their pet rooster. They said that the citizens are very happy people.
A zebu and cart riding through the streets.
There are tons of papaya trees growing next to people’s houses.
Transporting and selling bananas on the street.
Local boy scouts.
Friendly kid playing with a tin car dragged by a stick.
When asked to take a picture this man selling ducks replied “If it makes your heart happy.”
Poinsettas are the national flower of Madagascar.
They have to roll the boulder to close the entry way.
Another zebu cart.
Madagascar is nicknamed “The Bleeding Island” because of its red dirt.
Firefighters riding through the street.
Old British cars?

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