Out With The Old In With The New Hopefully

What I really want in my life right now that I’m finally moving out of the house and town I grew up in is a simpler lifestyle. Which is hard for me because I’m like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to life. Everything is interesting to me at least once, so I try new things, and if I like them I become easily obsessed.

I’ve always prided myself on my room because it was always decorated from trim to trim with things that reflected my personality. It used to be hard for me to walk into a friend’s room that was bare or that had minimal personality because I always thought that a room was a safe haven.

I already packed all of the belongings that I wanted to take with me into my first apartment, and my cousin said that it wasn’t much. But when I saw what one of my roommates was taking with her on her second (or maybe third) year of college, my stuff looked like way too much in comparison. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t decorate her room or isn’t interested in many things. I’m not sure but I hope that I’m not bringing my old life into my new one. That would be too unfortunate.

I’m actually really grateful and really proud of myself in the past. I was one of those kids who hated the world and had a lot of self-control. I was quiet so I listened and learned a lot. I was hard-working and interested in many things. I wasn’t lazy, even when watching tv because I always watched foreign shows or shows about some sort of art. I had an open mind and I wasn’t afraid to stand up for myself or others when faced with injustice (which was a lot coming from my small town by the way). I also had a very sweet and caring heart that seldom got the chance to be shown because of my living circumstances. There’s a lot that I’m truly grateful for. I’m even most grateful for all of the hard times that I’ve faced. Some that no one but myself knew about. I could have simply put myself in those situations, but if I did I’m grateful for that. I learned a lot and I feel like I’ve matured faster than most of the kids that I grew up with.

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