Worrying Doesn’t Get Things Done

Worrying. What I believed to be the bane of my existence. Well, I’m tired of making myself sick from worrying about things out of my control. I’m going to find ways to make myself stop worrying because I know that nothing good can come out of it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be positive. Set goals. Appreciate. Mind and body.

So what happens when I worry?

  1. I usually make the problem bigger than it is.
    It gets so big that I can quickly fail to appreciate other things in life that make me happy and who I am today (minus the worrying).
  2. It ruins my health.
    I could lay in my bed and worry about a spot on my face for three weeks (its happened before) and it would do tremendous damage to my health. I would stop eating because I felt like vomiting when I did try to eat. I wouldn’t go out and excercise because I had no energy in me because I was depressed. I wouldn’t go to bed at normal hours because I would stay up worrying about a problem that was out of my control!
  3. I would have too many negative thoughts flowing through my head.
    I just realized this, but after reflecting back on the many times that I’ve worried myself sick I wouldn’t think of the positive outcome. I would always think “Oh I’m not gonna have enough money to do this which will set me back.” or “I’m going to live with this mistake for the rest of my life.” I never thought of the huge positive side to the situation. It’s kind of like when you receive a ton of compliments a day but you only pay attention to the one insult you received…even an insult that you’ve received days ago!

That’s just a short summary of some key points I go through when I worry.

Now what makes me not worry besides having the problem satisfied?

  1. Getting off of my butt.
    When I get out of my room (which feels like it’s filled with pollution after I’ve sat and worried myself sick) and go out of the house just to take a walk I feel great. I’ve taken a step into a positive direction and gotten myself out of worrying about something that’s out of my hands.
  2. Laughing.
    Probably because it releases endorphins, but laughing takes my mind off of whatever I was so worried about.
  3. Reading inspirational and caring messages from my family and friends.
    I thought that I would never say this because I was never really fully invested in my family or friends, but now that I’m living alone and dealing with new stresses I’ve come to appreciate these people in my life more. I feel like they really care about me.
  4. Crying.
    It makes me feel like I’m physically releasing all of those negative thoughts. Which is something that I always need to do ASAP.
  5. Setting New Goals.
    Making a “To Do List” for myself and enthusiastically marking each task off one by one makes me feel like I accomplished something. Which is always a better feeling than lying in your bed like a sloth poisoning your brain with petty worries.

Oh look I have more ways of beating my worrying habit than ways that make me worry! A step in the right direction so far. I hope that I can keep this up. I hate when I feel like I’m on top of the world then a couple of hours later I’m back in a worrying rut.

3 thoughts on “Worrying Doesn’t Get Things Done

    1. Yeah when I make schedules and to-do lists I usually get things done, but it’s hard for me to stay consistent with that when I have to push myself…

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