Valentine’s Day 2012

I was expecting Valentine’s Day this year to be just another day since I broke up with my boyfriend a week before. I usually sleep in if I can afford it, and I only had one class at 12:30 on this Tuesday, so it was a little surprising for me to wake up at 9:00am and stay awake. I guess I stayed awake because of the barrage of text messages telling me “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “I Love You!”, etc. It was good knowing that a ton of people out there showed that they loved me. I know that it’s hard for everyone to remind those that they love that they really do care for them everyday so seeing those messages gave me a pure feeling of happiness.

Valentine's Day Texts
So many sweethearts out there~

Yeah, I put emoji’s on my contact names. So professional~

That day I went to class with no problems. Then my friends texted me around 4pm to meet them to practice a dance for my university’s upcoming Korean Festival that I have been a part of from the start. I met them on campus at 4:30 and we practiced a full minute of this dance:

Mirotic” by TVXQ

We only got a minute of the dance done but we stopped practicing around 7:30pm haha. We were watching videos on YouTube and fangirling over our flawless oppas~ I found out that Micky Park Yoochun (my bias and the person I’m copying from the dance) head bangs hardcore at 1:24, looks like he pushes Yunho at 2:03, almost breaks his back at 2:23, and is the only one that doesn’t hip thrust at 2:25. He also wipes his face a lot throughout the whole video haha 😀

Anyways! I forgot to mention that before I went to class I went to the grocery store to buy cheesecake mix for my brother as a Valentine’s Day present! My mom always used to buy us things on Valentine’s Day ever since we were little and still lived in the house, but she couldn’t do much this time except call us and send us money and a card. Which I am very grateful for! ❤ I felt that I should do something special for my brother since I’m going to the same university as him and because I live so close to him. So I bought the Jello pack of instant strawberry cheesecake with the crust mix, filling mix, and strawberry topping all in one box! I had made it before for my boyfriend as one of his Christmas presents but I found out later that I made my boyfriends wrong after making my brothers ^^;

It was delicious~

The cheesecake was fully done around 10pm and I texted my brother “I has edible gift for you” and he didn’t reply back -_-. So I called him and he didn’t answer -__-. Then he called me back 10 minutes later and told me that he was coming over to my apartment to get his present.

When he arrived he was holding 2 milkshakes from Braums! I was surprised seriously. I wasn’t expecting anything from him but a hug. I asked him what kind he got me and he said “Triple Chocolate” -___-. I’m allergic to chocolate. It was actually my favorite flavor, “Orange sherbet”, and I was completely baffled that he would remember which flavor I preferred. After I got my present from him I told him to go directly into my room. I pulled the cheesecake from out the refrigerator, brought it to my room, and his reaction was “Whoa! …I just ate a lot, I’m stuffed” -____-. He was also drinking a “Birthday  Cake” flavored milkshake. He laid on my bed for a while then decided to taste one and he said that it was too sugary -_____-.

It sounds like a bad situation but we enjoyed our gifts to each other a lot! We ate cheesecake and drank our milkshakes at 11pm at night and talked for a while. Then he had to leave to do some homework. We hugged, said “I love you” and “Thank you” to each other and I told to be safe going home. My, sorry, our presents were a success.

Gettin' fat
Empty cheesecake/muffin tray and our milkshakes~

After my brother left I was ready to fall asleep but instead I remembered something that someone sent me…


So all in all, I’m typing this down to remind me that I’m loved by so many people. I have to understand that they’re just like me and they can’t tell everyone they love that they love them everyday. They can certainly feel it but they can’t give you a call text or come see you. We all have our own lives to live and if someone takes the time out of their day to say “I love you” you should really cherish that person and that moment.

To make a long story short well here I go… My grandma has always been given numerous couch sets for her living room from her daughters ever since I could remember. Until the start of the new year my grandma told my mom that she wanted to buy the couches that she wanted by herself. So my mom went with her to help her choose which couches to get at a good price and help her load them into her house when they were delivered. My grandma was so ecstatic about her new couches but she was missing the matching ottoman. She only didn’t buy it because one ottoman cost as much as one couch. My mom told the rest of the family to pitch in to buy grandma an ottoman for Valentine’s Day but no one really responded. So my mom went ahead and bought one for her herself. Now here’s comes the good part.

On Valentine’s Day my grandma needed to go to the grocery store to pick some things up. For the past few days it had been raining like crazy back in my hometown. There were floods in the street and hail coming down, but my grandma was determined to get what she needed. When she went outside and walked in the rain to get into her truck she had to step on the side step on her truck to push herself into the seat. Of course the step was slippery so my grandma slipped off of it and hit some kind of part in her truck that went into her ankle. So there she was outside in the rain with (take a deep breath) a definite HOLE in her ankle! Can you imagine a 70 year old woman with a hole in her ankle and blood pouring out onto the driveway of her house all by herself!? Anyways, she called my mom on her cell and said “Sue I’m hurt, come here.” and my mom rushed to her house.

I love telling people about this part just because of my grandma’s attitude towards this all. When my mom arrived my grandma said “Do you think that I could just stuff tissue paper inside of it and it would be okay?” And she was serious about this! My mom told her to go get stitches and my grandma said “Oh” XD  Then my mom told her calmly “If you like those pants you better take them off cause the doctor’s gonna cut them if you don’t.” My grandma said “Oh no I like these pants! And went inside her house to change into capris. 🙂

When she got back home she was sitting in her new one person couch and had her leg propped up on her old ottoman. Grandma said “Sue what am I going to do with this if it gets blood on it?” Then my mom told her to wait and texted my dad to bring the new ottoman in right on time. He carried it into the living room and my grandma was so happy! She said “Ohh thank you mija! Hurry up and switch it out with this old one!” It was cute~  So my grandma and I both had pretty awesome Valentine’s Days. ❤

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