Korean Plaza Adventure: Super H-Mart!

One saturday morning I decided to go to the Korean Supermarket called H-Mart around where I live. I don’t usually go there alone so I thought that it would be fun to explore the shops again by myself. So here’s my adventure in pictures and words! Enjoy~

First of all most of these were taken on my iphone because it was rainy and I didn’t want to get my camera wet…also it takes longer to get my camera out and turned on rather than just whipping my iphone out and snapping the picture fast.

Pushing that aside, this is what the (what I like to call it) Korean Plaza looks like. There are an array of shops and mostly places to eat or get your hair cut. From what I’ve heard, Korean haircuts are the best in style but the highest in price. Korean food is also very good! It may be an acquired taste that may take a while to get used to (especially if you’re vegetarian like me because most of the dishes have meat in them), but once you have Korean food your mouth will be watering for more!

Hair salons, cafe’s, restaurants, and stores.

There’s also this other glorious store called “The Face Shop“, which I hear is very popular in Korea, that sells beauty products. The best part about this shop is the…well I’ll let you figure it out from the picture 😛 The items are kind of expensive but they are highly praised in the beauty world. Plus they’re high quality products shipped straight from South Korea so what do you expect? This shop is relatively small but a beauty supply store doesn’t need to be huge anyways.

Kim Hyung Joon! (taken on a different day)
A kind of facial scrub that I bought

Now that I’ve gotten you through some smaller shops I’ll now take you through Super H-Mart! H-Mart is a grocery store that also sells household products imported from Korea. Some people call it the Korean Wal-Mart and this description fits it very well. This H-Mart is different from the one in Houston because of its bigger size and because there is sort of a mini mall at one end of the entire store. Rather than having a small portion dedicated to groceries, the rest to household appliances, and one teeny tiny shop for clothes, accessories, or CD’s.

Vegetables section (top left), entry to the mini mall (top right), entrance to one of the Korean clothing stores (bottom left), and stacks of rice and noodles (bottom right).
Various drinks (top left), tons of bags of seaweed (top right), instant noodles (bottom left), portable jelly (bottom right).

So I just realized that this post would be extra long if I did try to fit in my whole day spent at the Korean Plaza including pictures into this one post! And I also realized that I’m tired right now and bound to leave out some things or make tons of mistakes! So with that I conclude part one of the Korean Plaza adventures and will update as soon as I can on the other stores and places in that area~! Now I leave you with a few random pictures that I took:

Mochis! My favorite is red bean mochi :3
Where I go to Karaoke with my friends!
Can you read hangul?

And now I’m walking to my next post! Can you tell how deep the water is by the dark line on my shoe!?

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