Korean Plaza Adventure: Mozart!

Okay so here’s the second part to this little blog series about the Korean Plaza around the area I live in! This time I’m going to tell you about this cute Korean bakery called “Mozart”!

MozartOkay so like I said, Mozart is a Korean bakery. Like most Korean bakery’s there are tables at the edges of the store that have booths so that you can have more of an intimate setting with whomever you are there with. When you walk directly into the store you are greeted by an array of sweets and other baked goods.

Inside of Mozart

I took a picture of the booths that I described earlier that are to the right of this photo in real life but my camera decided to delete it -__- So now I’ll just show you what I bought from here.

Strawberry Macaroon~
Personal pizza and taro bubble tea~

The pizza was so strange! It was like twisted bread with sausage chunks embedded into it. There was cheese on top and some kind of green spice with ketchup squirted on top as well. It tasted pretty good…I had to take the sausage out though. Taro bubble tea is always good. ALWAYS haha

The atmosphere of the whole bakery is pleasant to say the least. You get your privacy from these booths attached to the side of the wall, and you don’t have to deal with servers asking you if you need a refill or anything. If you want something you just walk into the bakery part of the cafe in front, grab your item, and pay. Or go directly to the counter and ask for whatever drink you want. They also don’t pester you about taking up a seat or a whole booth by yourself for a long time, so often you’ll see college students studying there for hours. The place isn’t that noisy. I remember that on that day I spent 3 hours there waiting for another store to open in the area and the only time it was ever noisy was when a small party came in to celebrate an old man’s birthday. And the celebration didn’t even last long at all.

Well, I had more pictures of this place but like I said…my camera deleted them -.- So I’ll end this post with some random photos~

There are drawings on the booths in the bakery because the workers can’t really see what’s going on in each one.
Taken on a different day. Mango macaroon and Mango bubble tea!
Bunnies on a cake!
It’s flawless~ except for the fact that it’s made of chocolate
Pretty much the reason why I go to Mozart! That and bubble tea 🙂

I’ll see you in the next post since I ran out of photos to show you!

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