Offroading! February 2012

Yeah this post is a little late considering that I went offroading in February…but nonetheless it’s here!

Okay so I went offroading which is something that my family and I do at least twice a year. We go to an offroading ranch outside of College Station where my dad is a member and officer. It’s called “Texas 4 Wheel Drive” I think. I’m not sure but it’s something close to that! Anyways, my mom took way better photos of this day but here are some of mine that I took on my glamorous 8.2 pixel digital camera from high school~

My dad on one of our 4 wheelers and our new bike in front.


The 4 wheeler that we’ve had since I was a child! Oh and there’s a cute baby on it too ^^
My dad cut the bed of his truck so that he could offroad better! Could you tell before I told you?

Okay so that’s it for what we brought to ride on! There were a ton of other people there, members and non members, that also brought some offroading vehicles but I don’t have many pictures of those. Just know that these people are hardcore when it comes to offroading. They aren’t afraid of buying a brand new hummer, stripping it of its outer shell, redoing most of the inside to fit their offroading needs, and driving it through the toughest terrain. It’s a hobby 🙂

Now let’s get offroading!

It was cold out there! At least to me it was...

Hey Arnold! clothes ftw.

Because of the flooding around that area the past week we couldn’t really use the whole camp to offroad that weekend. There were ruts in the ground from runoff from the mountains of dirt and other hazards. But we worked with what we had and still had a lot of fun!

Only 2 people got stuck and you can see who from the pictures above. The first person was my dad who claimed he had never gotten stuck before this day. Someone had to yank him out of the mud and right after that guy did he decided to try it himself…and he got stuck in the same spot -__- that’s what you get for trying to show off huh?

So that’s one of my many offroading trips that I had with my family~ It was nice to see everyone again since I live 4 hours away because I’m in university now. I also loved riding the 4 wheeler! I like that I have the freedom to go wherever I want to without having someone drag me down haha. I swear, once I get on a 4 wheeler it takes me hours to get off.

Then I wake up sore -.-

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