19th Birthday

Another number out of many that I will hopefully experience that aren’t as important as the other numbers. Like seriously, everyone gets excited when you turn 1, then 5, then 15, then 18, then 21. 19 is just a step to get to a more popular number! But anyways…so it’s my birthday today!

March 9, 2012! Yes, that’s Ville Valo…

So what fabulous things did I do on my 19th birthday!?

I went to class at 9am in the 45 degree weather while the wind was blowing rain into my face 😀 I was pretty productive in class so it was worth it. I then came home and ate and went to sleep because my antibiotics were in overdrive. Woke up around 4 when the sun was shining cleaned my room, ate 2 strawberry shortcake Skinny Cow ice cream sandwhiches, and here I am. Of course there were a ton of birthday wishes throughout the day. But before I show you various screen caps of all of them let me explain why I have to take antibiotics in the first place.

On Monday of this week (the start of my birth week 🙂 ) I started to feel dizzy. In my 10 o’clock math class the board was getting whiter progressively and I felt a little lightheaded. I felt fine that day until around 5pm. I had been studying and doing homework from 12 to 5 and I just thought that I needed to lie down for a while. I actually thought in the back of my head that it was just my hypertension messing with me, but this felt a little different than what it usually does to me. I had to leave for my French class at 5:30, so I did and made it there way earlier than usual. I honestly wasn’t feeling good at all, but I thought that we had an exam that day so I went to class anyways. When the professor came in and started class I could only stay there for 10-20 minutes. I was feeling so bad! So dizzy, lightheaded, like I needed to sleep immediately, so I left the class and my professor looked at me like I was on drugs or something LOL.

I fell asleep at 8 that night and the next day I woke up at 11am. I had a business exam to take around 12:30 and all I know is that I took it. I don’t remember any of the questions so I don’t feel very confident that I did well. I had informed my teacher of this and he told me that if I wasn’t feeling good by the next class that I should just stay home. On Tuesday, this feeling was getting so bad that I knew I had vertigo. Vertigo is when you feel like the world is spinning around you, or that your head is spinning on the inside. I had the latter and even though I took advil, ate, and tried to sleep it off it persisted. I called my University’s health clinic and asked them if I could schedule an appointment. They said that I could the next day, but if it was an emergency that I could come in before 5. I waited maybe an hour, ate in a vain attempt to cure this vertigo, and couldn’t handle it anymore! I took the bus and went to the health clinic as an emergency patient.

Long story short, I waited to be seen by a nurse. She took my height and weight (which completely shocked me!!) and did the normal procedure of a check up. But when she left to get a doctor I couldn’t hold in my pain. As she was leaving I burst into tears! She asked me “Did I hurt your ear!?” because she looked into them with a scope of some sort. I told her no and that I just felt really bad and dizzy. She freaked out about me freaking out and put me on a wheelchair to take me to another room down the hall to lie down. I was seen by another nurse, then finally a doctor after calming myself down and she calmly explained to me that I probably got sick and didn’t realize it (that would be me to do something like that…) or that my sinuses didn’t drain properly causing an imbalance in my ears. That was the reason for my dizziness, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. She told me not to worry too much and gave me an antibiotic and some pills that take away the dizziness but make me drowsy.

I freak out easily -_-

Here are some birthday wishes~

There were a lot of more wishes and stuff like this that I got, but I decided to post the cool ones I guess…actually they’re just some random ones ^^ Oh and I looked at my horoscope and it said this on my birthday…


So I would like to end this post with a thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday and that are happy that I am alive and beautiful and intelligent XD I really appreciate the effort put into showing me that you care even though it’s incredibly easy to post “HBD” or “Happy Birthday!” on someones FaceBook wall~ I STILL LOVE YOU GUISE!

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