First Snow in the City

For me at least.

I come from a town that’s pretty small and in the south, so I don’t get to see actual snow fall to the ground very often. I’ve only seen it a couple of times and the snowflakes were microscopic -_- It was such a big deal to us small town folks because we don’t usually see snow every year. So this is what happens when we see a bit of flurry outside while school is in session:

  1. Kid sees snow outside while walking to the restroom or their parents text them in class to tell them that it’s snowing outside.
  2. Kid texts friends and tells this to people they run into in the hall while making their way to the office to tell the assistant principal that there is snow outside.
  3. Kids in class yell in the middle of a lecture “MRS! THEY SAY IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE! CAN WE GO SEE PLEEEEEASE!” etc.
  4. Teacher tells them to go outside quietly.
  5. Class stays outside for 10-15 minutes because the snow is dying down fast.
  6. Cameras come out and photos are uploaded onto facebook.
  7. Principal scolds teachers over the intercom for interrupting class by letting the kids enjoy the bit of snow they’ll see in their grade school careers.

And that’s it. I’ve seen snow before, but it’s when it was snowing quietly outside at night and I’ve woken up to some on the ground.

Anyways, last year my university was shut down for a whole week because the snow got so bad. My brother experienced it and he said that it was fun until his food ran out. I was honestly scared at the fact that I would see a lot of snow at once, but everyone else around me was excited to see even just a little bit.

One night my brother texted me that it was snowing outside. I looked and didn’t see anything. I thought that maybe he could see it because he lives on the 3rd floor of his apartments and I live on the first. I waited for 30 minutes and went on facebook and saw “IT’S SNOWING!!” and heard people screaming outside. I looked and voila~

The snow came down hard, fast, and thick. People outside were yelling “Be careful!” to people driving and it was cute. It was pretty amazing and I hoped for it to stay that way till morning so that my classes would get canceled, but it stopped -__-

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