Yeah I have an extreme fear of needles and things being injected into me 😦

Today I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and to get x-rays of my mouth to see whether my wisdom teeth came in or not. I’ll try to tell you what happened as I’m sitting here in pain…my mouth hurts 😦

First the sweet nurse took my x-ray. She had a machine that took a ton of x-rays of small areas of my mouth. So I had to get like 20 x-rays from various views to piece it together to create my whole mouth. Then she took an all around x-ray that showed one big picture of my mouth.


After months of me trying to convince my momma that my wisdom teeth came in I finally have proof that they are here! I knew that they were but I couldn’t see them because I would have constant pain in my right jaw and I would sometimes grind my teeth at night. I saw them on the x-ray as little mushroom shapes beneath my gums. I knew that they were there! 😀

I went to get my teeth cleaned after the x-rays as usual and the nurse saw that I had a bunch of cavities (typical me -_-). I had 6 and it wasn’t quite a shock because I always have around 4-8 cavities every time I go to the dentist. They told me that they could take care of them today and I had to spend all of my Spring Break money on this procedure 😦

The doctor told me that I was going to be given shots to numb my mouth so that it wouldn’t hurt too bad when he cleaned them out. Now I went through this procedure before with a traditional doctor and he did not use anything to numb the pain! He just kept telling me “Oh you can handle it.” or “Oh it’s not that bad!” while he was doing my teeth as I was squirming and crying in the chair. IT HURTS. So I had to get the medicine to make it a little more enduring…

I have Trypanophobia.

Trypanophobbia is when you have a severe fear of needles or other things being injected into you. My body freaks out when I get a shot even though my mind is calm. My heart will start racing, my body will twitch, I’ll start to faint, and feel like I’m going to die. I just give up. I can’t stand it when I have to get something injected into me. I hate it when things enter my body that way. I just don’t like it at all. It makes me mad and it scares me. Also, my brother told me when I was younger that a needle could break off and air could enter my blood stream and I could die instantly! Or that a needle could hit something wrong and permanently damage my body! How can I trust someone to do something so dangerous to me!? One accident could ruin everything!!

So my doctor told me that I had to take a shot and immediately I said “No, no it’s not gonna happen” and then tears welled up in my eyes. The doctor and nurse knew that I was scared as fuck so they told me that they would give me laughing gas and numbing jelly on my gums so that I wouldn’t feel it too much. THIS DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. I waited a while but then it was time to get down to it.

The nurse put laughing gas on me and I didn’t feel anything until 2 minutes later. It reminded me of when I had vertigo. Everything was white and I couldn’t feel my legs or arms. I actually did laugh! At nothing…it was a calming feeling… Maybe I laughed because it was working. Laughing gas is supposed to calm you down and it did. Then she put pink numbing jelly on both sides of my mouth. She put it on unevenly so my left side got more of the effect than the right side.

Then the doctor came in to put the shots in…

I had 6 cavities to fill (it’s normal for me!) so he had to put 6 shots in. I knew that it was coming so I closed my eyes. He said open wide and then he shook my mouth so that I wouldn’t notice too much that he had already injected me. He did that 6 times then told me to wait for it to come into effect.

I was perfectly fine before he put the shots in. I wasn’t nervous or scared at all because of the laughing gas. I wasn’t even scared when he actually injected me! Afterwards my mind wasn’t freaking out or anything! But my body -__- my body started freaking out when the doctor left the room. My body was twitching and I was getting faint. My heart was racing fast and I didn’t feel good at all. Oh by the way, I was crying when the nurse started this whole procedure and at this point the tears were rolling down one after another.  I don’t know what happened but it took a while for me to calm down. The doctor came in again and asked me if I could feel anything, and I could so he injected another shot into the right side of my mouth…I knew that I shouldn’t have told him that I wasn’t completely numb…I knew that he would give me another shot and I freaked out again, but WHILE he was giving me the shot. I actually opened my eyes and saw what he was doing then closed them really fast.

It sucked.

Then they went in to take out the cavities…which still hurt like a mother! I got them filled, he shaved them down, all while I was still crying. When it was time for me to go I couldn’t leave right away because the laughing gas had made me too dizzy. I always cry when I’m dizzy because I don’t know what the hell is going on and I can’t feel anything so I feel like I’m dying…so I cried again and the nurse gave me some oxygen and time. The doctor and nurse were trying to talk to me after and I couldn’t speak because my mouth was so freaking numb! I can’t even speak now and the numbing effects are wearing off so my mouth is starting to hurt more and more.

Now I’m at home and hungry. I know that I shouldn’t be eating too many sweets but that’s my weakness…Now I have to throw out all of my sweet food. I actually want to try a gluten free diet but that would be hella hard to keep up. I just need to cut down a lot… And I do brush my teeth every morning and every night! I even brush them after lunch if I’m at home! My teeth are just sensitive…

Now that I’ve got my teeth cleaned the next step is for me to get rid of my wisdom teeth (kill me now). I’m actually really excited to get them out because that brings me to my last step which is invisalign! Then I can have straight teeth for once in my life!! 😀 I can actually get rid of my wisdom teeth pretty soon, but I’m scared and I guess I’ll wait until the summer to do that… I cannot wait to get invisalign! ^^

Okay my teeth hurt so I’ll just end this with a picture of my hella crooked teeth.

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