Aziatix Concert in Dallas! 3/17/2012

The best I got to a group photo

Best late birthday present to myself ever lol

Aziatix had their first US tour this year and they were playing in two venues near me. The first one was at SXSW and the second was at The Prophet Bar/The Door in Dallas. I went to the second one because the first one would have been crazy! I kind of have a knack for concerts so I knew that the Dallas venue would be smaller and that I would have a way better chance of seeing them in person and standing like 2 feet away from them while they performed…and I did πŸ™‚ I was so close to the stage it was awesome! The only thing separating me from them was a really short high school girl haha

The plan was for me to meet up with my friends at the venue so that we could all go in together. Those friends were people that don’t go to my university and I felt kind of awkward when I arrived at the bar. I knew that some of my friends from my university were going to be there and when I got in line they were in front of me. I waited until we all got into the bar to talk to them and I tried to merge my two groups of friends together so that we could all enjoy each others company. It worked and in the end everyone was friends with each other! πŸ™‚

On to the concert!

No wait before the concert something awesome happened LOL

So bands always warm up before a show right? Well while we were standing in line my friend Lindsey Penn and I were standing in front of an open door that showed a clear shot of Eddie Shin and Flowsik on stage singing! I felt like we were the only hardcore fangirls there because we were the only two that were spazzing. The people around us were making fun of us, but it’s hard to hold something like that in!

Okay now on to the concert for real πŸ˜€

There were 2 opening acts before they came on. One was supposed to be a trio named “Duette” but two guys from the group couldn’t make it so there was only one guy singing and playing the acoustic guitar for a while. He seemed pretty nice. After the concert he was asking us if we wanted some of his free stuff that he was giving out for publicity lol. The other group was composed of two guys and they basically rapped some of the raunchiest lyrics I have ever heard. They were pretty good, but omg I felt so uncomfortable during some of their songs. I mean there were a ton of high school girls in the front of me and I just wanted to cover their ears!

The picture is clickable!

So yeah…we waited quite awhile for Aziatix to come out and if you’re a fangirl or fanboy you should be well aware of the feeling of anticipation you get when you’re waiting for your oppas to appear. It’s like you’re a bomb ready to explode…that’s all I can say.

Who appears first!?

Eddie Shin!

omg and I would do a “Who appeared second!?” but they were on that Ganji fire when they got on stage LOL Most of my photos came out blurry because they were moving around so much.

Nicky Lee!

I just noticed that it totally looks like he’s singing to my camera ❀

Um so what can I say…I was in fangirl mode/heaven so it’s kind of hard to explain what all happened…

  • They started with “Slippin’ Away” then ended with “Go”.
  • Eddie’s mic slipped out of his hand and fell onto the stage.
  • Flowsik did his cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” live and it was AMAZING.
  • Then Nicky tried to do it while Eddie tried to beatbox the beat. It was hilarious.
  • Flowsik really sung into the crowd a lot. He got really close to us.
  • I touched Nicky’s hand twice and he gave his Aziatix bracelet to my friend that was standing right next to me! πŸ˜€
  • I touched Flowsik’s hand too! They have really soft hands by the way~
  • Eddie gave the fangirls heartattacks when he would toss his hair around…Which was all the time!
  • Nicky and Flowsik both put their mics into the crowd.
  • Nicky and Flowsik were the ones that got really into the fans. They would get down and sing into our faces or put their mics into the crowd. They talked the most too.
  • I don’t think that Eddie talked…he just sung lol
  • They told us that they were in the making of another album/new songs.
  • Eddie made eye contact with me!! Actually all of them did πŸ™‚
  • I saw one of their managers at the back of the stage on some steps leading to backstage with his iPhone out taking pictures of us.
  • When it was time to sing “Go” Nicky said “Okay you guys before our last song…” then we all shouted “Noooo!” and then he said “Well before our next song” then we all laughed. He said “I didn’t want to say last because then you would all get mad!” πŸ™‚
  • They sung more songs from their “Nocturnal” album rather than from their EP.
  • They really loved it when they heard us sing every lyric to every song πŸ™‚
  • People from the crowd were shouting “Saranghae!” and other stuff in Korean and it made them smile. Then someone said “Wo ai ni!” and Nicky responded with something that I didn’t understand lol
  • Nicky took someone’s camera while they were recording and he sung into it!

Overall it was a really amazing show. They are real performers. They get into the crowd and make the fans go crazy. They show their love and appreciation. They are really friendly and funny. They get super absorbed in their performance, and they give the fans something great to remember.

Time for the meet and greet! I got to meet them twice because I wanted a picture πŸ™‚

Nicky Lee
He is so so so friendly! He was the first in line to give autographs. I had a ton of stuff in my hand because I just bought a CD and a poster so I just handed him the CD. He told one of the managers “Could you please open this CD for her?” they did and he took the CD booklet out to sign the front of it. He told me “Here you go *smile*” then he took my poster and signed it too! I wasn’t expecting him too and my face was like ^______^ as I watched him sign it. I said “Thank you!!”Β  and he said “No problem and thank you for coming out *smile*” I was like “Oh my! No thank you for coming! Thank you!” hee hee I was in fangirl mode. Then I went to Eddie as he was still smiling πŸ™‚ He’s so friendly!

Eddie Shin
I went up to Eddie for him to sign my things and he smiled at me πŸ™‚ I said “Hi” and he said “Hi”. He was kind of shy but I know that he was just being polite and waiting for me to say something to him. But I was in fangirl mode and couldn’t even comprehend the situation in front of me. He’s so flawless in real life!! Like seriously! Everything is perfect on him! It’s crazy. But anyways he signed my CD and poster and smiled and said “Thank you” then I said “Thank you” and smiled and went on to Flowsik. We had matching personalities then except for the fact that he wasn’t meeting someone that he used to stan in high school lol.

I went to Flowsik next and he was sitting in the dark pretty much. All of the light was happening from Eddie on to the opposite side of Flowsik. I said “Hi” and he said “Hi” then I watched him sign my stuff. His gold pen that he was writing with was going out so he was shaking it to get the ink out. When he was done he looked up at me and said “Thank you” with a smile. It was a hallelujah moment haha. I wanted to say so much to him but I could only say “Thank you” and walk away slowly with a shy smile.

I waited for my friends to get their autographs then I saw one of my friends take a picture with them. One of my other friends that was also waiting with me said “I want pictures too!” so we got back in line and took photos with them. I was inches away from my oppas faces <333

Picture time!

Pictures of me and my friends~

Before the concert
Lala, me, and LinzerDinzer
My friends from university.
Me after the concert.
Andrea and I after the concert
Lala and I after the concert
My “sister” and I after the concert

Signed swag!

Flowsik added “Flow

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