Why I’m Addicted to Working Out

Whenever I tell anyone that I get addicted to working out they usually reply with “How can anyone be addicted to working out!?” or “I wish that I could get addicted to working out too!”

My addiction started in junior high. I was in athletics in the 7th and 8th grade because my mom wanted me to be in it and also because I had friends taking that class. I would be in off-season most of the time. The only sports I played were volleyball and track (sometimes), so most of my athletic time was spent running at least 2-3 miles everyday.

Athletics class started in second period. I would go to first period then head quickly into the gym lockers to change into my athletic clothes (school distributed) and warm up with the rest of the girls. If anyone was late then they would have to run extra miles. I had an efficiency mindset going on…I guess you could say. I had a TON of energy back in junior high so I would run to my warm up, run outside to do my laps, try to be the first to finish, run back to the locker room, and change quickly as well. I wasn’t going so fast so that I could get out of athletics period as soon as possible. Whenever I did my workouts and wherever I ran I had perfect form. I would squeeze in my abs, had my back straight, shoulders back, feet moving just right, and I would clench every muscle that I was using. I would give everything I did everything I had. And I would also do all of this without eating breakfast or lunch.

I had athletics in the morning of course. If it was volleyball season then I would do volleyball exercises, but if it was basketball season I would be in off-season running laps and conditioning. I would do that during second period and also after school. Yes, I even had to workout after school although I was in off-season. So everyday I did about 4 miles actually.

As I look back now, I did have an amazing body. I was SUPER toned because every other day we would go into the weight room to lift weights as well as run every other day. So running 4 miles one day then lifting weights the next and repeating that pattern every morning and evening of the school week as well as not eating breakfast or lunch gave me a good-looking body. Everything was in proportion and I really REALLY loved working out. I loved it so much that when I got home, if I didn’t pass out (whoops), then I 600 crunches before I had to go to sleep, and lunges and squats until my legs were about to explode. I did some arm exercises too of course, but I distinctly remember disciplining myself to do those 600 crunches and lunges every night.

I never had an eating disorder. I said earlier that I would pass out because sometimes I would have to run in the heat or I wouldn’t go straight home from school to eat something so by the time I got home I would just fall on my bedroom floor and pass out for 3 hours. When I woke up I would feel absolutely fine and go about my normal routine. The only thing “bad” that happened to me was that my limbs would tingle randomly sometimes. Sometimes they would tingle when I ate fast food (I hardly ever ate fast food EVER. ew.) or when I craved something sugary. But besides that I never threw up out of exhaustion, I never willed myself to throw up (I actually prided myself on not throwing up for 7 years woo!), never passed out in public or anywhere that wasn’t my bedroom floor, and I never had a problem with eating dessert or a huge plate of good food.

I guess I did eat a lot actually, but it only occurred at dinner. Like I said, I wouldn’t eat breakfast or lunch but when I got home I would eat a snack of ravioli and then eat a full plate of rice, beans, and meat (Malagasy style). I would pile that plate with so much food it was ridiculous! I never ate candy or junk food…my mom doesn’t buy that stuff and I wasn’t raised to eat it so I just don’t.

So now as you can see I am a pretty healthy girl for my body type, size, and age. I eat normally and try to avoid unnecessary foods. So you know that I’m not addicted to working out because of some mental disorder that makes me believe that I’m fat or imperfect or something else dumb like that. Even to this day (19 years old) I get addicted to working out easily. I do however give myself some room to be sort of normal.

Ever since I moved 4 hours away from home I have to go grocery shopping for myself on a budget. My diet has changed in that I cannot eat meat any longer and I can’t eat chocolate. I live off of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat substitutes. I eat pretty healthily at university and I actually eat out maybe twice a month. Just because I don’t like wasting my money on greasy food. I do however give myself leeway whenever I visit home. When I go home my mom sees that I’ve “lost weight” (I’ve actually just toned up) and she thinks that it’s her duty to fatten me up again. I remember one time I stayed at home for a week and everyday of that week my mom would call me and tell me to get a bag of french fries from her that she got me before she left to work. I usually wake up at noon when I’m back at home so sometimes she would knock on my door as I was sleeping to wake me up and hand me a DQ blizzard for lunch then drive back off to work. I don’t reject the french fries and blizzards because 1: I love sweets and 2: because my mom spent money on me and I’m going to show her that I’m grateful. So I eat unhealthily for a week or so then I come back to university and start working off the damage. 🙂 It’s actually very fun to do…I might consider it a hobby.

Interests: Eating like a pig at home then coming back to university and sweating it all off~

Yeah that works.  haha

So I guess the reason why I like working out is because it’s sort of a lifestyle for me. I can’t sit in one place for too long without thoughts running through my mind about doing leg lifts or crunches. I mean you know how people say that the time spent watching “Family Guy” on tv could be spent reading a book? Well I think that the time spent being lazy and watching tv could be spent toning up and feeling great.  I just always have working out and exercising in the back of my head. It gets so crazy that I would wake up, go to class, workout for 3-4 hours, shower, eat, then plan out my work out for the next day. I’ve even had thoughts of starting a workout calendar but I decided to just print 2 different ones off (blogilates and toneitup.com).

Working out takes stress away. It makes you feel better about eating chips with that vegan burger. It makes you look better in comparison to your friends. It gives you a better attitude when everyone else is complaining about their weight. It gives you more control over your body, what you put into it, and what you put it through. It’s like your treating your body with goodness when you work out. Your body is stronger and healthier than the bodies of others that sit at home and watch movies while eating ice cream or pie. You can do more with a conditioned and toned body and you will look amazing in clothes with a lean body! You can show off what you’ve worked hard for during bikini season and be the envy of your family. You can be that person that puts everyone else in check when eating out. And most of all you can feel so good about yourself at the end of the day. You will feel better, you will see results, and you will love who are way more than the person that is laying on the couch treating their bodies like waste bins.

By the way, these are pictures of me when I don’t work out for 2+ weeks:

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