High Bun For Girls With Freaking Long Hair! (Like Me~)

I used the first bun style.

As you could probably tell I’m subscribed to Secretlifeofabionerd on YouTube. One night I was bored and looking for new hairstyles for my unusually long hair. I went through the other YouTube gurus that I’m subscribed to but I didn’t find any of their hairstyles for long hair appealing to me. I used the video above when I created the bun in this picture and it took some time, but I think that I have a good grasp and some tips on how to create this look easily.

Since her video cuts through the process of actually pinning down the bun I have some pointers to help you out when you attempt this hairstyle:

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist. This hairstyle is meant to be messy and it will turn out a lot better if you don’t put much thought into the placement of each bobby pin.
  2. When you pull your hair through halfway try to leave half of your hair in a loop and the other half a tail. If your hair is layered like mine this will help keep strays from falling out. But it really depends on where your layers start. Just try not to make the loop too small in comparison to the tail.
  3. When pinning down the bun for the final look, flip the bun to the front. When the bun is in the loop it usually rests to the back of your head. Cup the loop from the bottom and flip it to the front. Then start pinning the bun down where it rests.
  4. When pinning the bun remember that you have to pin some of the loop at the back of your bun.
  5. Also when pinning try to keep the loop as close to the ponytail gather as you can. I think that a tight messy bun looks better than a big flat bun.

This is what the end look could look like~

I used a TON of bobby pins for this look! If you have shorter or thinner hair then you will probably use less bobby pins, but if you have long thick hair like mine then be prepared to use a lot. I even used the bigger sized bobby pins for this look.

But that’s all you really need to complete this high bun messy look! I have worn my hair like this ever since I learned how to do it and it is very eye catching. It puts up your hair out of your face and gives you nice volume on top. With enough practice this look will be effortless! You can easily throw in bobby pins in the right places in under 5 minutes! I love this hairstyle.

And now for pictures.

Yes, that’s my shower curtain…

You can put a cute clip at the back to hold loose strays~
Who’s that?
It’s moi~

I took this picture a year ago. My hair is actually longer than this, so if you think that you can’t do this hairstyle, think again.

Later Sweethearts,


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