People That Piss Me Off At The Gym

So Jenna Marbles obviously made a video over some types of people who piss her off at the gym and I’ve always wanted to make a post about the same topic so here it goes!

Guys that want to show off
and end up embarrassing themselves. I seriously hate it when a guy walks into the gym and sees me there (I’m usually the only girl at my apartment’s gym. I don’t know why.) then goes to the weights when I’m off the treadmill trying to catch my breath and he picks up THE HEAVIEST weight there and tries to lift it. The look on their face makes me want to slap the dumb out of them. They are straining SO HARD without even warming up first to show a girl that they can lift the heaviest weight in the gym. Maybe this is a secret guy training thing that most guys do to get buffer, but to me it looks like they’re trying to show off in the dumbest way. They could easily tear a muscle before they get their actual workout in and it takes a long time for a torn muscle to heal! Is showing off to a girl really worth losing days of working out and even using your arm properly? I don’t think so, but apparently these guys think it’s worth it.

Girls that wear make up to the gym
NO okay. Just stop it. You don’t need to look all dolled up in front of the guys in the gym because both of y’all are doing the same thing (hopefully) and that’s sweating your butt off and working freaking hard to build muscle and get lean. You don’t need to look like you’re going to see your friends when you’re at the gym to sweat and run and burn calories like there’s no tomorrow! You look like a dumb girl that doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing when you have sweat dripping into your blue eyeshadow and when your eyeliner runs or your foundation wipes off when sweat drops come down your face. The most annoying part of seeing girl’s with a full face of make up at the gym for me is how freaking unhealthy it is for your skin! Your pores are WIDE OPEN so that your body can release sweat and cool yourself down. If you’re wearing make up when that happens then all of your foundation and other make up products that are supposed to sit on your face start to be absorbed into your skin, then your pores clog up and you end up with acne and bad skin. Just use some common sense.

Barely working out then leaving after 10 minutes
This is probably the worst thing that I could see happen at the gym. I’ve had this happen to me tons of times and those times were usually repeated by the same girls. One time this girl walked into the gym while I was on the treadmill. She didn’t know how to work the elliptical next to me and I couldn’t stop my workout to help her so she left. -_- She didn’t even try to lift weights or use any other machine. Another day the same girl walks into the gym while I was on the elliptical. I got off and used the 15 pound weights and she was on her phone. After I did my first rep she grabbed a 5 pound weight and did those “behind the head arm pull ups”. SHE ONLY DID 5 OF THEM. Then she put the weight down, took a drink out of her water bottle, and started texting again. I continued to do my reps and by the time I had finished 10 minutes all she did was look around and text. And I wasn’t staring at her to make her self-conscious or anything! She just simply stood there, did one rep, or 5 lifts with a 5 pound weight, then left the weight room. Another day I saw her get a bag of free cookies from my apartment’s leasing office. -_-

There was another girl that I saw twice as well. I was on the elliptical and she entered the gym. She SAT on the lateral pull weight machine and watched tv! This really pissed me off because I was planning on using that exact machine after I was done with the elliptical. So I did some weight lifting with the dumbbells and kept an eye on her. All she did was sit, watch tv, and TEXT. Then she did 7 rows with 2 weights on the machine, sat and texted, then LEFT THE GYM. The next day I saw her in the lounge of my apartment watching tv. -_-

When I got mad at first I thought to myself “Well maybe they have physical disabilities that I don’t know about” then as I saw them get a bag of free cookies and watch tv instead of working out I was mad. It’s a waste of time if you’re not going to put in some real work at the gym! They have no excuse! If they don’t know how to use a machine then they could have asked the staff like I did. If they didn’t want to work out then they shouldn’t have hogged the machine from other people to use! Some people are actually at the gym to WORK OUT and not watch tv and text. If you really want results or to lose weight then you need to spend your time at the gym wisely and STOP TEXTING. Other people touch the weights anyways so when you touch your phone after you “work out” then you’re putting other people’s disgusting sweat on your phone. Just don’t go to the gym if you’re going to be a waste of space.

People that sing
Hard to believe? Well it happened to me. I was working out one day and there was only one other girl in the gym. I got on the elliptical and watched whatever was on tv while I did the “Mix 3” workout on the machine. After a while I heard really loud singing out of nowhere. I didn’t look back right away but the lady that was in the gym with me was walking around trying to “catch her breath” and singing. -_- How are you going to regulate your heartbeat if your singing!? That just makes your breathing off pattern! She continued this until I got out of the gym. I guess it got her through her workout but it was very rude. What if I was actually watching whatever the hell was on tv? What if someone doesn’t like her singing? It was just rude.

Guys that stare at me
It happens. There’s always a guy that stares at me if there’s one in the gym. This should be flattering, but it’s just annoying to me. I know that I sound conceited because I’m automatically assuming that he’s looking at me because I look good or cute or whatever but if I looked that bad then why wouldn’t he just look at me once, give me a dirty look, then focus on his workout? No, they have to look at me throughout my WHOLE workout. Are they trying to see what I do? Are they sizing me up? Is it attractive to look at a girl working out in a baggy t-shirt with her hair up? Today, there was a boy who was weight lifting and he near stalked me in the gym. If I was on the treadmill then he would do pull ups across from me. If I went to the weights then he would too. And he would always glance at me whenever I happened to look his way. I don’t usually look at boys in the gym ALL THE TIME even if they’re super hot because I’m more focused about myself. But when I notice a guy looking at me every time I turn around it gets annoying.

When people turn up the volume on an annoying show
There are about 4 huge flat screen tv’s in my apartment’s gym. One day I walked into the gym and was greeted by a BLAST of some dumb reality show from MTV that two blondes were watching as they were casually on the elliptical. I walked onto the treadmill and almost stopped my workout early because of my irritation from the freaking show. They had the volume up on blast and it wasn’t even like they were working the machines so hard that you couldn’t hear over the noise! They should have worn hearing aids if they were that deaf. It’s really inconsiderate to people who don’t want to watch the same stuff that you do. There’s a volume on the tv that will allow everyone to watch something separate on each tv and they can hear what is going on. There’s even captions on the tv!

That’s all that I can think of right now that pisses me off…plus the things that Jenna said.

And also, here’s a picture of me:

Later Sweethearts,

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