TDJ: 2NE1’s “I Love You” Comeback Stage

I just recently watched their comeback stage from their official YouTube page and I immediately fell in love with everything about it!! I love the animals, I love the leopard print, I love the high-waisted booty shorts, I love Dara’s hairstyle, I love the gold, I love the choreography, I love how they didn’t have too many backup dancers, and I loved the atmosphere! ❤

I loved the video because of all of those reasons listed, but after I watched it I fell even more in love with it because I remembered the outfit that I wore yesterday and it totally fit in with the theme of the video!

I wore this outfit yesterday and it was perfect! It’s like an inspired “Outfit of the Day” but in the past! :O
Anyways here is what I wore:

  • High-waisted shorts with gold buttons from Arden B
  • Leopard print bustier from Wet Seal
  • Gold chain ear cuff earring from H&M
  • Knockoff Lita’s from Charlotte Russe
  • Gold heart and star rings from Forever 21
  • Bold eyeliner

My outfit just fit in so perfectly with this video! I created this style on my own and then 2NE1 put these elements into their stage and how could I not fall in love!

Oh and if you don’t know what “UFOD” stands for it means “Useless Fashion of the Day” and I borrowed this term from Cheeserland aka Cheesie who is a popular Malaysian blogger.

And I also noticed that Bom has purple tips like my hair 😀 You can see it in this video~

Later Sweethearts,

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