Inspiration: Antic Café or An Café

One of my most favorite Visual Kei rock bands from Japan. I’ve been a huge fan of them since junior high and I still am today. Their fashion of course was an attention grabber for me but their music is what keeps the adoration going. Just listen for yourself.

What I like about their music is that they can wear whatever they want and have fun in it while making good rock music with positive vibes~
That sounded weird huh? What I mean is that Antic Cafe’s style is basically what you would find in “Harajuku” in Japan. They are under the catergory of “Oshare Kei” which is what you see, so they wear whatever they want. They have described their music as “Harajuku Dance Rock” and I always just say that they are a Visual Kei rock band so I guess that’s generally what you would call them.

I don’t know about you but after watching that music video I feel like I could walk out of the house wearing whatever the hell I want and feel confident and happy about life. I think that’s what An Cafe wants to give to their fans. They want them to be able to feel comfortable in their own skin and be happy and spread happiness. Which brings me to their ultimate message…

This is Nyappy Bunny. This is the mascot for An Cafe. What is Nyappy? Nyappy is a universal word that means happy! Nyappy means happy in all places around the world so if you say “Nyappy!” to someone that means that you want them to be happy. An Cafe has made 4 songs called “Nyappy in the World (2, 3, 4)”. It’s obviously because they want everyone in the world no matter where they may live to be happy all the time and spread happiness or Nyappy!

Nyappy in the World 2

Nyappy in the World 3

Nyappy in the World 4 (No subs)

I really hope that you watched that video (english subs included) because it basically sums up what An Cafe means to me. In junior high I remember being sad and rebellious most of the time. I would tell myself that I shouldn’t care about what people thought of me because whatever I was doing didn’t hurt others and made me happy. But the things that I wore and how I acted were considered “weird” from the small hillbilly town I was from and so I felt rejected a lot.

When I listened to An Cafe and I saw that they wore whatever they wanted and acted however they wanted to I was stoked! Then when I translated their lyrics I was in love! They talk about being sad but they also talk about hope. They say that it’s okay to be sad sometimes but you can’t let that bring you down. You have to do what you love even though it’s weird or strange to others. That’s why I love An Cafe.

To those of you who aren’t familiar with basic Japanese you may not have caught on to the chorus of the song. “Tiramisu Nyappy Poppo~ Poppo Nyappy Tiramisu~” Tiramisu is most commonly associated with the Italian dessert, I explained what Nyappy means, and Poppo can sometimes be referred to as a kiss. A thing that An Cafe does that I really adore is that they make up words! So Tiramisu in this case doesn’t mean the Italian dessert. Instead it means something like “Have a good day”. Poppo means “Peace” and these words were made up by the vocalist (Miku). I really enjoy twisting words to mean other things so when I saw that An Cafe did this in front of thousands of people I thought that it was okay to do so I feel better about my choice of words when talking to people. 🙂

“Have a good day, happy, peace!”

If you’re a Cafekko (Antic Cafe fan) then you know that you have to greet another Cafekko with “Nyappy!” which can also mean “Hello”. Crazy right? But it makes sense if you’re in the Nyappy mindset. How are you feeling today? “Nyappy!” Did you have fun? “Nyappy!” Nyappy can be used in a number of different ways, but to those who aren’t in the fandom it usually means happy~

I guess I should introduce the members huh?

Miku is the vocalist and frontman of the band. He usually makes up the lyrics and helps out with composing the songs. He is the one that makes up words like Nyappy and Tiramisu.

Teruki Nagata is the drummer of the band. He does a lot of composing and has worked with other various Japanese rock bands.

Kanon is the bass player. He does a lot of composing as well. He plays in different rock bands just as Teruki does. He started his own label called “StudioBlue3” and he released a mobile game called “Pinky☆Distortion” sometime in 2010.

If you stopped at this person then you would see the original line up. There was only Miku, Kanon, Teruki, and Bou when An Cafe first started.
Bou was the guitarist for An Cafe. He always said that he wanted to own a butcher shop. I’m pretty sure that was his dream and he left An Cafe to do that.

Takuya is the guitarist now. I think he was a high school student when he joined An Cafe making him the youngest.

Yuuki is the keyboardist and probably my favorite member since Bou left. He’s pretty young too and wears a wig.

Yes, they are all guys! Even Bou…I know, he makes a prettier girl than me (T__T). None of them are gay, I don’t think. I always see the members teasing Yuuki about liking boys but I think that they are just giving him a hard time.

So yeah, these people make up one of my favorite bands and this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. If you are interested in knowing more about  Antic Cafe then I’ll put some links below. They have quite a number of music videos (Search “An Cafe” or “Antic Cafe”) on Youtube, but unfortunately most aren’t in high definition.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I would add more pictures just because my harddrive has like 8346398575471754936085365 photos of An Cafe, but when I saved these photos I was young and foolish and saved them as .bmp instead of .jpg 😦 My computer won’t let me simply change the name to .jpg so that I can post on here and they would show up so I guess you’ll have to suffer with a few pictures.

Natsu Game

Maple Gunman


Smile Ichiban Ii Onna


I also made a fanmade video cover of “Escapism”~ It’s somewhere on YouTube, but you’ll have to find it yourself 😀

Junior high.
This is the door to my wardrobe…covered in Antic Cafe promo photos
My first physical Antic Cafe CD!
I bought it from Hot Topic when they partnered with MaruMusic to bring JRock CD’s into America.
“Gokutama Rock Cafe!”

Official Website:

Official Blog:

Miku’s Twitter: mikuppy

Yuuki’s Twitter: yuukikki_0829

Takuya’s Twitter: takuya_0209

Kanon’s Twitter: studioblue3

Miku’s Facebook: Miku Ancafe

Teruki’s Facebook: Teruki Nagata

StudioBlue3 Website:


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images, videos, or audios. Rights go to their respectful owners. If you see your media on here and would like it removed please contact me somehow and I will remove it ASAP.

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