Grateful Posts

I have another idea for a post series. I know I only did one post so far on the other series I just started wtf.

This idea came to me because of “The Secret”. If you don’t know what “The Secret” is then I’ll give you the link to their website but I’ll let you explore by yourself from there.

“The Magic” is actually where I got this idea from. When you read the book they tell you to write down 10 things that you are grateful for everyday. I wanted to do this in a book, but I’m really horrible about buying cute books then not using them everyday as I had intended to. So I thought that I would type down whatever I was grateful for on this blog. Maybe I’ll be more inclined to do it everyday since I’m taking this blog seriously.

I don’t think that I’ll write down 10 things everyday though. Qui Qui (a famous Singaporean blogger) tweets one thing that she is grateful about everyday and recently just finished a whole journal that she started in March about the things that she is grateful everyday. I’ll at least write one thing that I’m most grateful about that day because the post just seems too long in my head if I wrote down 10 things everyday for a whole month.

This series won’t start this month because it’s already the 26th of July, but I’m planning on starting it on the 1st of August. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up everyday since I tell myself every night whatever I am grateful for that day.

I’m not planning on making individual posts everyday about what I’m most grateful for that day, but I will publish the grand post at the end of that month. So expect my grateful post at the end of August.

I hope that this will encourage people to use “The Secret” to their advantage and start their own grateful posts or journal, or at least say thanks every night.

Later Sweethearts,

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