Cutting My Bangs

by myself.

I just got bored one night and decided that I needed a new hairstyle. I’ve had side-swept bangs for most of my life so the only other way was to either let them grow out so that I had no bangs or to cut them straight. I chose the latter.

If you watched my video I explained my hair situation, but if you didn’t then I’ll tell you about it briefly. My bangs were cut to be blunt bangs ever since I started my senior year in high school, but I always styled them as side-swept bangs. I styled them how they were supposed to be once and I couldn’t get used to it. This is what my hair looks like from not taking care or styling my haircut properly.

That night when I decided to cut my bangs again I was actually having a bad hair day that day…then I realized that it wasn’t a bad hairday. My hair was doing what it’s supposed to be doing -_-

Yeah, so watch the video haha

I filmed myself doing this because I knew that I would freak out and talk to myself and I thought that others would find it entertaining.
…and if you didn’t then woops you wasted your time^____^

I was obviously scared about cutting so much hair at first, but then I reasoned with myself and did it (after 30 minutes).
I cut down like an hour of filming to make that video!

After I started cutting it wasn’t so bad. I just felt like I didn’t make any progress when I cut off length. It got tedious…

In the end I cut my hair crooked haha~

My hair was parted so that the right side of my head had more hair so when I cut my bangs my right side would always have more hair. I got annoyed around the end of the cutting and took a lot off then realized the next day that I cut a little too much. You couldn’t tell, but since it was my hair I could tell.

Anyways, I went to the hair salon yesterday and got them fixed. Now my bangs are fuller and they actually make a triangle instead of a semi-circle. (Watch the video if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

I really like my bangs! They make me look like a completely different person! Some people say that I look younger most of the time. In my opinion…I don’t know what I look like.

I can’t place my finger on if I look younger, or older, better, or worse…I just don’t know. When I wear thick dark eyeliner with a wing and gold jewelery some people say that I look like Cleopatra. When I wear my hair straight down I think I look like a gothic girl. When I wear my hair straight and in a pony tail I look like a completely different person, and when I wear my hair curly I look like a doll.

When I visited my hometown last weekend I got called more “exotic” and “Indian” than before…

I guess that I’m just not used to this new hairstyle yet to really say what I look like. I have to play with my eye make-up because my bangs make my eyes look smaller than they are -_-

Maybe you could help me figure out what I look like.

Draco Malfoy ftw

Later Sweethearts,

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