Wedding Reception + OOTD

I cropped their faces to protect their identity.

I went to a wedding reception for a lady that I’ve known for quite a while and whom I consider family. Her wedding ceremony took place in Jamaica the week before, but since a lot of the people she knows couldn’t make it she held a wedding reception in town so that everyone could celebrate.

Pretty wrapping paper for their gift from us~

They had an ice sculpture! It was so pretty in real life! The cake was nicely decorated and it tasted yummy~ The bride was cutting the cake and she asked me if she should cut the top part and I told her yes. She said “Okay Priscilla if I messed up it’s all on you :)” Later on my aunt, mom, and cousin told the bride that she should have kept the top part of the cake to eat a year later for good luck. The bride said “Girl I’m not gonna remember to eat that in a year!” So I made a mistake but it didn’t matter anyways haha.

Trying out the “Soft Background” setting on my camera.

The venue was a (how I describe it) done up mobile home. It looked like a reception hall that was made of mobile home materials on the outside, but when you came inside it looked like a dining hall. There was a bar section, dining room, and a dance section with a horrible DJ. The centerpieces were very darling however. They were cylindrical vases filled with fake white flowers and water with white rocks at the bottom and a floating candle at the top. It was placed on a square mirror plate that was surrounded by fake diamonds of various shapes, and a black vine of leaves encircling the whole piece. I think that the vine was spray painted black so the maid of honor probably DIY’ed the centerpieces which is something that I approve of. There were also plastic wine glasses set at each table for the toast.

That’s a champagne fountain in the second picture above. That champagne was different than the one that they served for the toast. It was a bit sweeter but both were tasty.

Look at the hermit in the background.

We had a lot of down time since the event was made to spend time with family and celebrate a union. So I just hung out with my family that I haven’t seen in months and took pictures. I would share the pictures of my family, but I don’t think they’d want their identity shared on the internet. So I’ll just share the hermit that wants to be YouTube famous anyways.

I took this photo first…
Then my cousin wanted to do a “cameraception” photo…
My camera taking a photo of my iPhone taking a photo of his camera taking a photo of his phone camera taking a photo of the table.

Often people ask me “What do you eat when you eat out?” because I’m vegetarian. I always reply that it’s easy to find something to eat because it’s not like you eat meat with a side of meat. Although I can find something to eat, it’s not always healthy.

The non-vegetarian meal.
The vegetarian meal.
Starch, starch, starch.

This DJ sucked.

The groom also had his own cake. It was a richer chocolate. The cake with the tiers had vanilla on top and chocolate at the bottom.

And now for my outfit~ Sorry about the awkward pictures, my cousin took these.

My eyes look extra weird.
Brown cork wedges

That’s pretty much it. Congratulations to A and A!

Later Sweethearts,

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