My Leopard Printed Bike

One day I got bored and decided to make my bike stand out because I ride it so often.

So this came about…

In its natural habitat.

Here’s how my bike originally looked:

All I did was put the bike in my room, clean it with alcohol, bought some printed duct/duck tape (I was torn between a Hello Kitty pattern and the leopard), then wrapped it. It took about 2 days for me to wrap my whole bike because I always double or triple task when I’m working on a project.

It only took one roll of tape that costs around $3.

This is a pretty short post, but I encourage you all to do something like this with your bikes as well. It makes finding your bike on campus easier and I actually got this idea from seeing neon duct taped bikes around campus. I’m thinking about putting chrome on the black parts so I feel safer riding when the sun goes down, but we’ll see.

Later Sweethearts,

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