VEDA #24 – Journey, Pat Benetar, and Loverboy Concert!

My mom surprised me with an invite to go see Journey, Pat Benetar, and Loverboy live at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavillion in Houston last Friday! It was just me and my mom that went and we had a lot of fun!

If you are like me and think that you don’t know who Pat Benetar is or that you only know one Loverboy song think again.

“Love Is A Battlefield” – Pat Benetar

“We Belong” – Pat Benetar

“Lovin’ Every Minute Of It” – Loverboy

“Working For The Weekend” – Loverboy

Pat Benetar had quite a few hits (for my younger readers. wtf am I talking about? I’m freaking young.) Just search her name on YouTube. Loverboy had quite a few hits as well, but in my point of view their songs weren’t as long-lasting or legendary as Pat Benetar’s. When I heard Loverboy play I could slightly remember their songs, but when Pat Benetar played I could remember most of the lyrics to her songs.

I initially went to the concert for Journey to be honest. Their song “Don’t Stop Believin'” got me through my senior year in high school and pulls me out of sadness instantly so yay. Also, my close friend that I call Paiyou introduced me to the Glee version of that song. Then he introduced me to Glee a year later and when I saw how they used the song in the context of the episode it had even more of an impact on my life. So basically when I’m feeling incredibly down I just play that song (original or Glee version) and I get all motivated and stuff. My mom bought me Journey swag too! 😀 So I own a shirt that says  “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the front of it with a stop sign and the first two verses of the song on the back. It’s in a future vlog. I think it’s the next one actually.

I could sit here and type about the concert, but I have a far more entertaining idea to show you guys the event. I want to make a video, but I know that I can’t use the artists music. I’ll have to use music under  the creativecommons license to lay over the actual music of the concert, but I just wanted to address some things that happened. Otherwise I’ll just ramble on my blog and have a lot of keyboard smashing which is not good.

I’m still figuring out how I want the video to be set up. It’s quiet hard because I was really far away from the stage and my iPhone can’t zoom while I’m filming so the videos look basically the same minus the light show for each song.

So those are my plans…I’m gonna go now.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey (Glee Version)

I didn’t put the original version or a live version of the band up because you should know this song already *eyes of judgement*. If you don’t then do the obvious.
*squinty eyes*

Later Sweethearts,

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the music used in this blog post nor the artists.

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