Psychic Update 10-28-12

Don’t judge me on this title I’m still struggling on what category I fit into, but here’s some things that have happened this semester that I remember. This is from the most current to the least current and I know that this is short, but I am compelled to do an update.


Throughout last week (Oct. 22-27) I had dreams about this boy whom was an acquaintance. We only had one real conversation and truly only met once, but he’s in this club that I am also in so I see him about every Thursday. The dreams were just me and him hanging out, nothing more or less. I wondered why I had dreams about this boy because I don’t find him particularly interesting or attractive. Anyways, the night of Friday I had a dream that I was in a car wreck. I was on a two lane going in one direction. I merged in to the left then something forced me to merge to the right but the force that pushed me to do so kept pushing me to turn so I swerved off the road and flipped into a deep ditch. During the fall I could see my face. It’s like the camera changed and was focused on my face. I could see that my spine had broken immediately but I hadn’t died (also I was the only one in the car). I was still crying and shouting constantly “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU” while thinking of my immediate family and close friends. I was stiff in the car but I could still cry and shout and the fall down into the ditch was a long one. I woke up shortly.

That dream happened Friday night and on Sunday morning when I woke up I saw a post on Facebook from that boy and also another boy who said that they were both involved in a car wreck the day before, Saturday. Nobody died and the worst injury was a broken jaw. It was just so weird how my dreams would tell me throughout the week that something was going to happen to this boy then at the end of the week my dreams show me getting into a car wreck. If my dreams would have meshed together then maybe I could have prevented this accident from happening…


I don’t remember when this happened but here it is. I recently joined a sorority and I was a bit on edge about doing this because I would just be creating a ton of connections with people who could cause my psychic abilities to get out of hand. I went through with it and the earliest memory I had was seeing this girl’s name in my head repeatedly one day. This image of (I’ll use Chelsey C as her name) Chelsey C’s name written on our sign in sheet for library hours kept popping up in my head. I only saw her name. Another thing that kept popping up in my head was the feeling that I was going to drop my iPhone and crack the whole screen horribly! So horribly that I could not use it anymore. So throughout the day I kept making sure that I never took out my phone over concrete or anything hard while seeing her name in my head every hour. At the end of the day that exact girl whose name kept coming up in my head posted on Facebook that she had dropped her iPhone and shattered it completely to where she couldn’t use it without getting cut. After that I didn’t see her name in my head anymore and I had no more anxiety about dropping my phone.


The less exciting out of the three occurrences here is when I had a bad feeling in my stomach all day on the day of my sorority’s chapter meeting. I just had this lingering bad feeling all day but it wasn’t they type where my blood family was in danger. I just dealt with it because I knew that no one I knew well was in trouble and waited to figure out what had happened when it came up. That night after meeting the feeling suddenly went away. I thought that it was because I was hanging out with my sisters, but I found out that shortly after my bad feeling had gone away that one of my sisters that I didn’t know well was crying her heart out. As I watched her I knew that my bad feeling stopped because whatever needed to happen happened to the right person. I was thankful because I was relieved of the bad feeling but I also gave out good vibes to the girl because I really did feel bad for her.


Okay that’s it for now. Happy Halloween and sorry for not updating so often. School, family, friends, the internet, and all the other normal excuses for not updating.

Later Sweethearts,

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