The Coolest/Creepiest Dream Ever

I was in a store but I was not completely myself. It was like I was under the influence of something strange and it was making me not fully conscious. I remember being in this store with the highest ceilings you could imagine just walking and looking around. I felt like I was waiting for my turn for something since I saw people that I knew but they would disappear and I wouldn’t see them again.

The scenery of my dream was off white and black with coffee stain colors. Everything was dilapidated and it reminded me of the artwork from the “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” series.

I remember looking around the store in one area then seeing my younger boy cousin and older girl cousin. They lead me to a room where they were playing a video game, but the strange part is that there was a transformer type of robot there as well causing havoc. If they didn’t finish the game right then the robot would have malfunctioned and went crazy.

I then went to another room after I won the game and saw the guest room in the house I grew up in. My parents and father’s mother were there freaking out about how everything needed to be in its place. I went into the guest room and saw a scrap of paper that I had got from school that wasn’t important, untacked it from the wall, and put it in my pocket. My parents immediately came into the room and freaked out that it had gone  away while my grandma sobbed. When they left I put it back on the wall, but it was not perfectly on there and I didn’t see them in that room again.

Then I appeared in the off-white store again. I was in the grocery isle walking around but slowly losing consciousness. As I increasingly lost consciousness creatures appeared around me. There were people that had human shapes but were painted black and had round black heads that resembled the “soot” from “My Neighbor Totoro.” They even made the noise. Then there were various off-white creatures with black sketchy outlines crawling towards the same direction that the soot monsters were flying towards. It was as if everyone was heading somewhere.

Not too later I spotted my mom and dad grocery shopping. My mom freaked out and told my dad to come with me to get food for me. We sped through each isle and tried to get the exact food that I wanted but we couldn’t even get one. When we did find the perfect food there would be the tiniest flaw ever on it and we could not take it. Later my dad was whisked away in the commotion of going in that certain direction with the other creatures so I was left alone to investigate this place.

As I was coming out of an isle I was losing consciousness fast. I was at the end of the isle terrified of the creatures passing me and making strange noises. I fell down and tried to crawl towards them, I guess it was the force that was also pulling them, and blacked out.

Although I remember that somewhere in between my dad missing and me blacking out my old childhood friend got taken away and something on the inside told me that something bad happened and she wouldn’t be coming back. I also had enough time to investigate some doors and found out that I wasn’t able to go outside unless I wanted to be killed. There would be the dark outside behind one door with dark creatures wielding weapons and another door lead to a white room below that had another white sketched out creature covered in blood.

When I woke up I could not open my eyes fully. My eyelids were fluttering as I tried my hardest to open them but they could only go so far. I was in a white room with coffee stains and sketched black outlines that was as dilapidated as any other room of the same appearance. I was laid in a bed with white sheets and two pillows when I heard a voice in front of me. I didn’t see anyone in the room lying down so I tried picking myself up. When I did I saw a skinny white boy (almost albino) with a short haircut wearing white pants and a white shirt to match the room. He looked tired and scared and was also shaking. I somehow knew that he would ask me two questions only and that I had to answer them right in order to save myself from the worst.

This part is strange…during my dream the book “1984” came to mind when I saw this boy. I was so afraid of not answering his questions right that I somehow magically instantaneously obtained the book in the bed and looked up what I should say. His first question was something along the lines of “are you as good of a person as this person” and I immediately tried to look up what to say. In the book the person that was in the same situation said “Well…I know that I am only number 38 but I…” and then I stopped because I realized that I didn’t know what number I was or if I even had one. The number to me at the time represented how good of a person you are in a pool of other people who also had a number based on this fact. The lower the number (closer to 1) the better the person you are and the higher the worse. So I stopped and stared at him. He repeated the question even though he wasn’t supposed to but it was too quiet for me to hear so I tried to get closer. I told him that I was better than that other person and he moved on to the next question. Just sitting there staring at me and shaking.

The next question was something along the lines of “are you a kind/good person?” I didn’t know what to say because I thought that simply saying yes would kill me. So I sat there and he repeated the question and I got yet closer to him. He saw that I was having trouble and gave me a sympathetic look and I started to lose consciousness fast again so I yelled with what energy that I had ” YES YES I AM A KIND PERSON I AM A KIND PERSON!” Then I blacked out.

After I shouted that I woke up then my alarm from my phone went off.

Later Sweethearts,

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