I noticed how strange it feels when your life is going smoothly while the people that are close to you are having troubles. Right now my life is pretty content, but my friends lives are quite different.

One of my friends got her car window smashed open and all of her belongings stolen. She moved out of her dorm, stayed the night at her friends house, then woke up with nothing in her car and a broken window. They stole her wallet too.

My other friend’s mother quit her job for personal reasons and he was already struggling with whether or not he was going to take classes this semester or save up for a year and go back to school full time. Now he has to work full time to pay off bills and loans. He wanted to go back to school, move up in his job position, and move out in a few months, but all that has been put on hold because of this one small occurrence.

A guy that is apparently my apt-mate’s friends has been in her room all day complaining about something. It sounded like it really bothered him, and he literally has not stopped whining yet.

All this happened today while I woke up early, did yoga, went to class (that I enjoyed), then went back home to finish homework (that was easy) and search for books online. I even had time to type this post.

It has always felt weird to me when more than 2-3 people around me are going through hardships and I’m perfectly fine. I feel like I’m missing out on something.

I also know that our lives are different and that whatever someone experiences not everyone has to experience, but I can’t shake the feeling that the people close to me are not happy and I am.

I’m embracing the fact that my life is going good right now. Not everyone close to me is going through hardships and the people I know are strong.


My friend that got her car broken into told herself that she couldn’t do anything about what happened in the past. She did all she could but the only real thing to do in a situation like this is to move forward. I think she recovered quite well from losing her belongings and being postponed from moving back home for a day. It’s something I can learn from and remember if something bad like this ever happens to me.

My other friend whose mother quit her job is also taking the situation rationally. He understands that he has to take some more responsibility for the sake of his family, and I honestly think that he got what he wanted (wow that sounded bad, let me explain). He’s told me that he doesn’t really enjoy or like the idea of studying for a few more years, and it seemed to me that he didn’t really have a passion to go back to school at the moment. I think this break from school will be beneficial to him, and he’ll also have the opportunity to connect more with his family during hard times.

I think the guy in the apt is just being over dramatic so he’ll get over whatever thought his mind is entertaining.


I was also there for my friends when this all happened (not the guy in the apt). I talked to them about their situations and told them that I would be there if they ever needed anything. I hope they believed me because I meant it.

There will be people there for me if something bad happens to me. There were people there when I had my wreck, and there are people there to celebrate nice things like my birthday.

I guess the point of this post is that no matter what situation arises that you think you can’t handle at first, you’re wrong. Other people have been in worse situations than the one you’re going through. There are also people there to unconditionally support you when you need it as well.

I remember when I was running laps in athletics during winter in junior high. It was a bit radical, but when my chest started hurting and I didn’t want to breathe in the ice cold air anymore I told myself “If the Jewish people in the past could walk through snow with barely any clothes on I can run these miles.”

I think it’s a habit for me to say that whatever bad situation I’m in isn’t so bad because other people have been through worse. I’m quite blessed I believe and I owe it to everyone and everything in my life.

Whatever happens happens. You receive it in the best way possible and you move on with life because when you hit rock bottom there is no where else to go but up.


Later Sweethearts,

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