Fangirl Weekend~

The weekend right before the Spring semester started my friend in Dallas invited me to a sleepover with a couple of other fangirls. We basically share a major fandom so I knew it would be a freaking amazing weekend.

First of all let me tell you what that fandom that we all share is:




yeah those are my socks.
what of it.

Now let me introduce my friends via their aliases:

  • Lala (host)
  • Kat
  • Tati
  • Chunananananana (that’s how I say it in my head LOL)

Our sleepover started on Friday and ended on Sunday.

Including me there were four girls total as well as my Lala’s mom who was visiting her before she started school too. You guys let me tell you, her mom is such a fangirl too! She likes Junsu the best…why am I surrounded by Junsu biases?【・_・?】

We started watching Tour DVD’s and ended our night watching variety shows. I remember that when the live version of “Love in the Ice” ended all four of us were on the verge of tears or already crying then suddenly a huge bra flies towards the screen XD

Lala’s mom threw her bra and said “No more crying” XDDDD it was hilarious!

We ordered food that night and basically talked about and watched our oppars :3 (I purposely spelled “오빠” wrong ok) My friend Kat obtained my friend Lala’s red light stick and started waving it around during the concert XD It was adorable~

photo 4

Eventually Lala played “Go the Fuck to Sleep” about 2 or 3 hours before sunrise so we fell asleep.

On Saturday we woke up at noon, drank coffee, took showers then watched our oppas again :3  When evening came we went to a Korean and Japanese restaurant and ate the yummiest food ever! Our waiters were super nice and I think everyone was satisfied with their meals. I ate all of my food, like 2 side dish bowls, kimchi pancake…AND I COULD’VE EATEN MORE  ( ಠ ಠ )

photo 2

photo 1

I got seafood bulgogi by the way~

When we came back to her house I was full of energy so I looked for games we could play that I could use our fandom with. We started playing “Who’s that?” with post its and the first round consisted of our 5 Gods of the East.

I was Yunho~

photo 3

Then we moved on to groups such as SNSD, B2ST, Super Junior, 2NE1, etc.

After we got done playing that game we made up a new game where Lala would play 2 seconds of a song and we would have to guess what it was. Me and Kat lost the first round, but won the second. (∩_∩)=b

It got really crazy during those games. Kat started flailing when she knew the title of the song, but couldn’t quite say it. It was all kinds of hilarious.

Later that night we watched Banjun Drama.

Lala's iPad case~!
Lala’s iPad case~!

The next day we woke up around noon again and were planning on going to eat at Denny’s then go home from there…but I got lost so I just went home lmao.

Actually I stopped by the H-Mart plaza and got cute stuff  *(*´∀`*)☆

Oh yeah guess who my bias is!












awww yeah
awww yeah

Later Sweethearts,

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