How I Got My Purple Hair

This should be my 100th post
Okay it’s not that intense calm down.

I’ve been meaning to post this for about…half a year (⌒_⌒;) Here it is now. The title basically says it all.


If you’ve read through my blog before you’ve probably seen this picture before. My hair looks kind of blue in this photo but it’s only because the filter I used to enhance the effect made it that way 😐 I’ll try to explain the process to you, but I have to say that I came into this process not knowing what the heck I was doing.

If you are a hair dyeing (wtfish) n00b like I was here’s some common sense that you may not know about:

  1. If you have dark hair you have to bleach it to allow color to stay and show well.
  2. If are dying it a darker color (like purple) you have to add another color over your bleached hair in order for the color to stick (such as ash).
  3. When you’re done bleaching your hair you’ve basically taken most of the protein out of that part so you have to buy special protein shampoo for your hair.
  4. If you use semi-permanent dye you have to re-dye it about every 2 weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair).
  5. You don’t have that many choices to dye your hair lighter colors if you chose a darker color in the first place. It won’t stay.
  6. Your shower will be super colorful after you first dye your hair yourself.


This is my hair right before I went to dye it for the first time. The reason I chose to dye it that summer was because I’ve always wanted some kind of color in my hair, and it’s better to do it when I’m not about to start my career. I don’t want every potential employee to toss me aside because of my hair color choices. I’m a logistics major by the way.


Before I went to the salon I had to choose a color to put in my hair. The salon had colors but they were more conservative. As of now I still use the same brand of hair dye, but I switch colors every 2 weeks from purple to teal then blue to give my hair a ~peacock~ effect (◕‿◕✿)

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


This is the first session. That white stuff at the bottom is hair bleach. I know what you’re thinking right now because every girl at the salon told me the same thing…

“Are you sure you want to do this?” *eyes of judgement*

First of all, my hair grows FAST and it doesn’t stop. I’ve read that everyone has a limit to where their hair can grow then it stops unless you cut it so you give it more room to grow back to its limit. My hair hasn’t reached that limit yet. It’s been past my butt and it kept going. I have to cut it a lot and if I don’t you can tell that it’s super long. So whenever I made the decision to bleach the bottom part of my hair I knew that it wasn’t going to be a permanent thing because I would just cut it off. Currently I don’t have much left to work with since I’ve cut my hair between now and last summer.  ╥﹏╥

Remember that if you’re thinking about coloring your hair. If your hair grows quite slow then keep in mind that you’ll probably have to dye those parts a natural color if you get tired of being a rainbow.


Wow, I have like maybe half or less of that left… I’m blessed with thick fast growing hair ^^ It’s actually so thick, rich, and long that it took me a total of 9 hours to bleach it to where color would stick. If your hair is like mine be prepared to sit for a looooooong time at the salon or even make 2 appointments like I did.


That wasn’t blonde enough -____- so I had to put more chemical on my hair to get it the right shade to hold color.


That’s the right shade! 😀 The lady that worked on my hair was super nice to me! After we got done with the first session I came back 2 or 3 days later to get more done and she did it for free! SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY FTW! 😀 Anyways, this is her dying it purple. It only took half a bottle of dye.


I forgot how long we waited the first time…maybe 30 minutes? My hair still looks super long even if I didn’t count the purple hair…


Done! This was right after the first day I did my hair. Later on I decided that I wanted more purple so I came back and dyed my upper layer up to the bottom part of my bra strap. Did that make sense…


And now here is where I shamelessly post photos of my colored hair. Note that some of the pictures are edited to show the color more. The first two I’m about to show you were taken with the front-facing camera on an iPhone 4 so their editing looks especially bad :X


This is when I tried to dye it
This is when I tried to dye it pink…fail


Purple hair featuring bling string~
Purple hair featuring bling string~
There was a time where I was thoroughly convinced I was Twilight Sparkle
There was a time where I was thoroughly convinced I was Twilight Sparkle

That’s basically it. I have no regrets doing this. Especially considering that my hair already grew most of it out.

If you’re thinking about doing this make sure you’re fully committed to the idea. There’s no getting your natural hair back when you bleach it. You’ll just have to wait to grow it out like I did mine.

Also, a ton of people who have no business in this matter will try to convince you not to do it.

Boo them.

Do what you want.

It’s your life to live, not theirs.

Stay fabulous.


ok bai~

Later Sweethearts,

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