Fetus Thoughts


I was going through my Facebook & found an article that I wrote a couple of years ago when I was a fetus (⌒▽⌒)☆ Enjoy~
Also, the photo above is relevant because it was taken around the time I posted this article.
I’ll explain what I was doing at the end of this post!


This is to let ya’ll get to know me a little better. Create one and tag me! 🙂

1. I love music like no one else.

2. I know how to play the clarinet and piano well.

3. I want to learn how to play as many instruments that I can get my hands on.

4. I’m learning the French, Korean, and Japanese languages.

5. I have an infatuation with Micky Park Yoochun and Yoseob Yang.

6. I’m sweet but I enforce tough love.

7. I have a crude sense of humor.

8. I like to listen.

9. I have a lot of energy.

10. I want to live with the Buddhists in the Chinese mountains.

11. I want to be Buddhist but I have a bad temper, so I’m Taoist.

12. Classical music gets me pumped up.

13. I see the good in everyone, but I tease everyone as well.

14. I like to mooch food from people.

15. I want to be an artist, but I want to help people from other countries with their business endeavors.

16. I adore a lot of things in this world.

17. Being righteous and in zen are most important.

18. I don’t really like movies.

19. I am Pocahontas reincarnated.

20. I love learning about different cultures.

21. I used to be a hardcore germaphobe.

22. If you litter in front of me I will scream at you nonstop until you dispose of your waste properly.

23. My mom, dad, and brother’s birthday’s are all on the 10th while mine is on the 9th.

24. I’m left-handed.

25. I want to put genuinely sweet people in a box and keep them forever.

26. I like people with a sense of humor.

27. I say the word “hell” a lot.

28. I feel like I’m full of wisdom compared to the other kids at my school.

29. If I could eat only fruit for the rest of my life I would.

30. Meat makes me sick.


Most of these are still true, but some are just written so rudely (^_^;)
I tag all of you people who are reading this! Just post 30 facts about yourself~
You can do it in the comments below 😀

I wonder if I still have my blog posts from my old MySpace up… _φ(°-°=)


The photo was taken the night before our band trip to Chicago. We were supposed to wait in the band hall for around 3 hours until the charter buses came, so we couldn’t walk around the school because it was ~illegal~ or something.

Anyways, I got bored pretty quickly so I had some of my friends and I sneak out into the school so we could play hide & seek and be ratchet hood children (LMAO). We went to the gym to play basketball, but we couldn’t find the balls so I told one of my guy friends to sit in the hoop. We all helped him get up there, but when he sat in the hoop it sounded like it was about to break (;° ロ°)

Then I wanted to sit in it but got scared & my friend took a picture of that exact moment which is the photo above. Soon after we got yelled at by our band director & got on the buses lololol

Yay story time \o/

Later Sweethearts,

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