Night Owl

Do you know what my internal clock thinks is alright?

It thinks that it’s alright to wake up at 7am
But then I’m like “Hey you could sleep in you know”
So I sleep in until I have to take my pill at 9am
But then I’m like “Hey you could sleep in you know”
So then I sleep until 12pm (noon for you derps)
Then my body doesn’t feel like expending energy from noon to 4pm
It only decides to expend energy because I get hungry from 4pm-6pm…
Then after I eat it’s like “I don’t like people after 6pm”
So then I’m an introvert from 6pm-9pm because guess what?
I get a huge burst of energy at 9pm that doesn’t wear down until like 4am wtf
My body is living on the wrong side of the planet apparently
Then I go to sleep around 3am-5am
But the next day is a school day so I have to wake up at either 8am or 8:30am
Get ready within an hour
Stay on campus all day without dying
Go home to change for meetings
Study more on campus
Get home at 9pm
And what?
Fight the internal fight between the tiredness of my body and the excitedness of my mind


Later Sweethearts,

2 thoughts on “Night Owl

  1. I know exactly watcha mean.. I hate how as soon as night hits my mind immediately goes ‘ZING!’ and I’m wired. Convenient for studying finals and going into party mode but not so much for 8am school days 😛

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