Spring Break 2013 pt.1: Lousiana


Since I live in Texas my family and I had to drive through Louisiana to get where we wanted to go to. I won’t tell you our final destination because I want it to be a surprise. You have to follow my blogposts in order to see~ That is if I can manage to be consistent with these…

I’ve never been to Louisiana before, but I’ve always wanted to go. I liked the landscape even though it was flat with tons of foliage. Everything was so so green!


As not depicted in these photos.


We had dinner at this place called “Prejeans” and it had a really interesting atmosphere! As you can see in the picture above it had a swamp theme which it was comes to mind when people think of Louisiana. Even the outside had murals of boats and alligators. I took a picture in front of this huge alligator at the entrance and while I was doing so an employee told us that they had a 24/7 webcam for the inside of the restaurant! You can view it straight from the internet! I don’t know the reasoning behind this but that fact added a bit more personality to this already unique location.

If you don’t believe me see for yourself! PREJEANS RESTAURANT WEBCAM


I had seafood gumbo and I actually don’t know if it was a full pescatarian meal but it sat well with my stomach so all was good. It was super yummy and spicy! I wish that my stomach was bigger so that I could eat more of it. 😦 It came with white rice and mashed potatoes which were also very good.

Also, my brother ordered fried alligator and I tried it! I was nervous because my stomach doesn’t digest meat well (only fish, which is why I’m pescatarian), but it surprisingly worked for me! It tasted sooooooo good! I could eat it as much as I eat fried shrimp. If I ever go to Louisiana again I am definitely making a stop at Prejeans again!


I don’t remember when we ate a Cracker Barrel but I ordered tea because my brother was sick at the beginning of our trip and passed the illness to me. -_- I’ve never ordered hot tea from there before so it was a nice surprise to be given this. They gave me an empty cup with a tea packet and some lemons with a tiny metal kettle full of hot water! So adorable I had to take a picture.

Those are all the photos I have from Louisiana. We were on the road for a long time so I’ll post about our next stop in my next post! Unless my June 2013 Grateful post comes first…

I’ll try to keep up with this okay?

Later Sweethearts,

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