Spring Break 2013 pt.2.1: New York – Buddy’s Bakery!



After Louisiana we didn’t stop much because we had a time constraint (spring break) so we hauled our butts to New York! This is the 2nd time my mom and I have been to New York (First time pt.1 & pt.2), but the first time for my brother and father to visit.

Since I’ve already seen and experienced the major points of the city I had some small areas and shops that I wanted to go to. With my family or not lol I’ll explain later.

Buddy Valastro’s 2nd Cake Boss Cafe was on my list! (As well as Koreatown but it was raining so much that I couldn’t take pictures).


It was so crowded that it felt wrong to take pictures inside but it wasn’t lol. They had a wall full of merchandise and I bought a red shirt that says “I (picture of a cake) Buddy!” You can see it right above the girl’s head in the picture. I know that you want to see pictures of pretty cakes now so I’ll shut up.








Yeah those fruit things are totally edible! We bought a few cakes to eat at the hotel and it was quite expensive but worth it! The cakes are SO GOOD! Not to sweet or too bland! Everyone loved them! I always pick the best places to go /hairflip. /falls. wtf


These macarons were not from the bakery lol. They were from Tous Les Jours in KoreaTown and let me tell you what the hell happened that pissed me off.


Since I’ve already been to the city and it’s basically easy to maneuver the metro I wanted to meet my friend Jori because I haven’t seen her in real life but I’ve known her for 3 years (I call her my umma lol). My dad and brother were like “Yeah we’ll just follow ya’ll (my mom & I) until we find something interesting.” They ended up following me wherever I went and when my friend woke up we had arranged to meet in 2 hours. My family didn’t know what to do so I suggested we look through Ripley’s Believe it or Not! My brother’s attitude was like “Well we have these stores in Texas so I don’t see the point in shopping.” and my mom and dad didn’t care so we spent some time there.

That will be part 2.2 or 2.3. If you noticed this is part 2.1 of New York. Well now you noticed.

Moving on. So we spent some time in there then my friend came to meet me inside the building. She met my family and I told them that I would hang out with her for a couple of hours. They let me go and we both wanted to see KoreaTown while my family tried to navigate themselves to the 9/11 memorial (using Taxi Cabs). My friend showed me how to use the metro properly and we got on with absolutely no problems. We made it to KoreaTown, went to some shops then about an hour later my mom calls me angry that I had to meet with them again -_-.


My friend was sad that I had to leave but I couldn’t oppose much since it was a family trip. So I went back to the metro by myself after having said goodbye to my friend and returned to exactly where I left my family an hour ago. I called my mom and she was freaking out that I had gotten lost when I went to exactly where I left them off. I was calm because the situation was ridiculous and asked them where they were at. They told me so I hailed a taxi and told them not to move. I would have to find my lost family.

But of course they didn’t listen and tried to come to where I was. After telling me to go where they were. You can see my disposition.

It was raining pretty dang hard and the taxi driver was hitting on me -____-


The conversation went like this from his end:
“You’re very beautiful, you want to go on date with me?”
“I can take care of you! I make money.”
“fuhae;ghvrhgf’ajf’keapghra’ighvrangvrgh” <— Me not understanding his accent.
“We can live in my apartment!”
“Do you have a boyfriend! No you are lying!”
“It’s raining.”


My side:
“What? I can’t understand you!”
“Yes I have a boyfriend that lives with me.” Lying is the way out right?

Like what even.


Continuing with the story. It took me HOURS to find my family because they had no idea how to navigate the city. Plus their taxi driver didn’t know where the hell he was going and there were “No parking” and “No standing” signs everywhere in the area I was in so I was screwed. At one point I told my family not to move and that I was 3 blocks away from them so I would walk to them because my taxi driver didn’t know how to navigate the streets. They only understood 3 blocks away so once again they tried to find me -____- I would have only had to walk 3 blocks in the POURING RAIN with only 2 jackets on, soaking wet if they had only listened to me and NOT MOVED. But they moved… 12 BLOCKS AWAY FROM ME. Ultimate wtf moment.

In the end I waited at a restaurant that kindly let this soaked hood-rat inside for them to come to me. It took them about 30 minutes but they tried to act happy and like nothing was wrong when we reunited. All the while I was furious and wanted compensation for their lack of communication.

Positive Priscilla says: Even though all of that unnecessary stuff happened I got to ride the subway and a taxi cab by myself. And now I know that I can navigate around a city. I am awesome.

Ah the next part of this post will be about another interesting place so anticipate that~

Later Sweethearts,

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