Spring Break 2013 pt.2.3: New York – Streets


Hello! Our stop in New York was rainy as you can tell from the photo above. These are random pictures that I took throughout our time there. I’ve already made 2 blog posts about some interesting places that we visited in the area so I guess enjoy these street pictures!






Since this was my brother’s first time in New York he wanted to see as much as he could, but we couldn’t really do that since we only spent 2 days (I think) there. We made a last minute trip to the Financial District because he wanted to see it and I remember that being one of my favorite districts when I first visited New York.






It was really cool visiting the district at night! It’s much more peaceful and don’t worry, we had a group of 5 and my dad is kind of intimidating so we were pretty safe wandering around in the dark.


This was taken earlier in the day, but I learned a few things about Taxi’s after my adventures visiting New York for the second time.

  • They rush you to get in.
  • They’ll stop at any place near the curve. My cab stopped in a huge puddle and told me to walk over it quickly to get in…my boots were soaked :/
  • They’re not supposed to use GPS’ so when they don’t know where something is they’ll call the office.
  • They speak horrible English.
  • They’ll flirt with you.
  • They prefer cash.
  • If they are driving a car (pictured above) they won’t take 5 people.
  • Only vans and sketchy car drivers take 5 people.
  • They try to make conversation.




My brother and I got coffee and tea at a Starbucks because that’s one of the things that he wanted to do in New York…hipster.




I’ve always thought that it was interesting to see what kind of billboards and advertisements are hanging around Times Square. It shows the period of that year when you visited the City. The last time I came here they had a ton of The Lion King and American Idiot signs. This time around they had Rock of Ages and The Phantom of the Opera.




The first time I came to New York there were a ton of interesting characters around the Square…but they would ask you for money or get really close and creepy to you. This time we met a guy in a Batman suit that was charismatic and proposed that we take “Action Shots” with him. 😀 It was really fun! The coolest part about this character was that he didn’t ask for money (but we gave him some anyways because he was so nice!)


Umm fish and pasta plus other seafood I believe. With cheese because why not.


New Jersey breakfast at this amazing cafe! The atmosphere was great.


More seafood and pasta. I was on vacation!

Later Sweethearts,

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