HIM + Update

Hey so my mom went to the concert of my favorite band in the entire universe. I couldn’t go because I’m in France and stuff…but I will see them in Paris if I can figure out which train to take and if I can not get lost getting there… I’ll have a friend with me so I’m looking forward to everything about this little trip!

I told my mom to take lots of photos and videos for me to cry at and to also yell “PRISCILLA LOVES YOU” during a quiet moment. & yes there are those 2 second quiet moments during concerts, I’ve been to enough to know. I don’t think she did that, but I like to believe that she did.

I’m really determined to see them in concert in Paris because I have trust issues with the band. They went on a 3 year hiatus for understandable reasons, but I keep hearing about this being their last tour. I don’t fully believe it because they live off of making music, but it would suck to say that I had the opportunity to see my favorite band live in my favorite country in a neat city.

I’m gonna stop talking because you want to see these pictures.








I almost forgot something extremely important! [JUDGE ME NOW] Ever since I was 12 (I started listening to HIM at 9 years old) I’ve wanted rings that matched Ville Valo’s. If you’re a HIM fan you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been searching for rings like this for years. The only ones that I saw were too expensive or not the right color/style.

Around the end of the first week that I started living in Grenoble was the time when I finally acquired what I’ve wanted. I went to the H&M in town and saw that they were selling the exact rings that I wanted for 4€! Each pack comes with 3 of the rings that I’ve wanted and some extras that I wear with them just to add length.



And also here’s an update on my life in France:

Later Sweethearts,

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