HIM Concert! – Paris, France – Oct. 19, 2013



But seriously, who gets to see their favorite band in the whole universe in a really popular city in their favorite country? This girl.

What are you doing with your life HUH

This was my first time in Paris. My cousin that I’ve been waiting my whole life to see in person got to spend the day with me the day of the concert! My friend and I took a 3 1/2 hour TGV to Paris from Grenoble on Saturday (the day of the concert) and met my cousins at the Paris Gare Lyon train station. I was surprised at how much taller I am than my cousin! Even though it’s a little, I’m used to being the smallest person in the group so this was a nice surprise. 🙂


I think that I’ll write about my time visiting Paris on my other blog and just stick to the concert here.

So after my cousin showed us around Paris we stopped at a bar/cafe near the venue for a shot of espresso because my friend and I were getting tired wtf. The line was quite long! Everyone that I was with was shocked at how long it was and I just felt really touched that so many people in France (probably) love HIM as much as I do. J’ESPERE 😀 ❤




That guy in the last picture totally photobombed us. Like he jumped out of place in line just to do this.

I freaking love French HIMsters man.

When we arrived to the venue there were a ton of people! (We got to the bar around the corner from the venue an hour early to the concert.)  They were waiting in the back and near the bar because the opening band Caspian was going to play first. My friend and I went to buy merch before we situated ourselves near the stage. This was the farthest I’ve been from the stage at any HIM concert, but it didn’t really matter because I was dead center to the mic so I got to see all the members! The only thing that was bothersome was a really tall guy that stood in front of us. He would look back at my friend and I every now-and-then because we were excited-talking in English and giggling non stop :3 I think he was cool. I mean he shouted “LET’S ROCK AND ROLL!” in English so he was cool.


Photo on 10-20-13 at 8.29 PM #2

Photo on 10-20-13 at 8.28 PM

Photo on 10-20-13 at 8.29 PM



So when we arrived to the venue I saw piles of papers everywhere for people to grab. I didn’t initially take it, but one was offered to my friend and I while we were standing in front of the stage. I kept asking “What does this mean? What does this Finnish word mean!? I JUST KNOW THAT IT’S FINNISH.” and this girl standing next to us replied in English “It means thank you.” Then I almost cried my heart out because THIS IS THE NICEST THING I’VE SEEN ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE DO TO A BAND IN REAL LIFE. Typing thank you online isn’t the same as actually taking the time out to print hundreds of pieces of paper that say thank you in their native language.

I also wanted to cry because I’m not sure if they are saying thank you for:

  1. Coming back after a 3 year hiatus.
  2. Coming back to Paris.
  3. Or because they know that the band might disband…

This is either really sweet or depressing…or both. I can’t even decipher my feelings, but I’m really glad that I got to experience this sweet gesture live!

*EDIT: A person from the Paris Street Team informed me that they were saying thank you for coming to play in Paris after 8 years!


Before I show you every picture I took that night I want to tell you an interesting story. My friends in the United States were expecting something bad to happen to me since I was going to a rock concert in Paris, but to their dismay nothing terrible happened. Parisians are really chill/nice people! And I don’t mean HIMsters only. I’ll explain that later but for now my story.

There was a guy that was front and center to the stage that got pulled from the crowd. My friend and I were talking and saw a body guard pull the guy to the back of the crowd to his mom. The guy was shouting “Monsieur! Monsieur! S’il vous plait! S’il vous plait!” but the body guard just shook his head. Then the guy kept shouting “Demande! Demande! S’il vous plait! Demande! Demande! Demande!” (Demande= Ask) as he gestured to the spot he was previously standing at. My friend knows better French than me, so I think that the guy was super high, did something odd, then got taken out of the crowd. His mom was strangely there in the back of the venue (the picture I showed you earlier) and I think his grandma was in the front with him… It sounds really weird and unbelievable, but I’m pretty sure that’s what was going on. Also his mouth was foaming with white stuff so I’m sure he was on drugs… I kind of felt bad for him when he started crying because he looked so sweet and innocent…just high lol. If this concert meant so much to you then why would you risk ruining it with drugs?

Actually, I don’t know what actually went on. I mean I’m a freaking American in Paris. Don’t listen to me D:

J’ai pris ces photos avec mon iPhone, donc désolée~







LILY LAZER Get it? Because his eyes look like he has lazers...ok
Get it? Because his eyes look like he has lazers…ok





















The concert was great as expected! They played a lot of older songs (more fuel for the disbanding rumor D:) and Ville didn’t talk much but that gave us time for more songs right? The mic cut off which is funny because that happened at the last 2 HIM concerts that I went to in Houston. Maybe I’m bad luck mdr. After the mic came back on Ville said “Shit happens” then they continued to play. He still left the stage for a good portion of a song near the beginning of the concert. I’ve always wondered why he did that at the Houston concerts but I guess it’s a habitual thing since he did it in Paris too. The next time he talked was when they came back for the encore. He told us that a blonde chick was in their dressing room and that it wasn’t good because they had passports and stuff in there. I agree man.

  • Burton was at the back of the stage in his keyboard fortress so I couldn’t see him clearly 😦 BUT HE WAS WEARING A TURBAN.
  • Linde looked like he was in pain every time there was a guitar solo :/
  • I like Mige’s new haircut & he whipped that hair back & forth like it was no one’s business 😀 …that beard hair.
  • Ville banged the mic on his head to tell us to clap.
  • Gas was in a glass cage LOL I think it was for sound purposes.
  • There was a Ville doll in the background & I wanted it! C’etait trop mignon!
  • They didn’t introduce the members individually but they had solos.
  • Ville let Mige growl into the mic.
  • I think he also tried to let Gas do the same but he couldn’t reach over his glass cage of emotion.
  • Ville deep-throated the mic.

Also, if you don’t know their music then GET WITH THE PROGRAM MAN:

Later Sweethearts,

Disclaimer: All photos belong to me. The music videos/music do not.

7 thoughts on “HIM Concert! – Paris, France – Oct. 19, 2013

  1. Hey ! I’m a French fan from the ST and I found your article. So happy to see that you enjoyed this show as much as I do. We love HIM and we expect that they will come back again at Paris =D

  2. Hello Cilla ! I was at this show too and I belong to the French Street Team which distributed the “kiitos” posters. That’s so sweet to speak about this in this way and we are glad to know that our action has pleased to some others fans like you 😉 Thank you very much !

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