What We Have to Accept

Before I attempt to write my thoughts out clearly and concisely I have to note something pretty important. Ever since I’ve returned from around four months of living in France my English comprehension level has dropped. I can’t make drawn out thoughts completely without adding in a French word to make the sentence shorter/easier, I cannot remember the vocabulary that not everyone uses on a daily basis, I can’t stay focused for long when somebody speaks to me in English (but I can if they talk to me in French), I make far more typos than ever, I mix my words, and I omit words completely involuntarily when writing or reading.


I mean it’s pretty cool how fast my French level went up. I don’t have any problems with listening anymore! I can understand a real French person when they speak at any pace and with a weak regional accent. C’est génial, n’est pas? I can also write pretty well. And reading is a breeze~

Okay enough of my frustration (that turned into pride wtf.) Onto the topic.


I read something in my Management textbook for uni recently.

  1. Traditional Management: Decision making, planning, controlling.
  2. Communication: Exchanging routine information & processing paperwork.
  3. Human Resource Management: Motivating, disciplining, managing conflict, staffing, & training.
  4. Networking: Socializing, politicking, & interacting with outsiders.

These are the four managerial activities that managers are engaged in.

Did you know:

  • Managers that invest in communication/HR are unanimously considered “effective” managers.
  • Managers that invest in networking are unanimously considered “successful” managers.

Managers that invest in communication are considered effective because they communicate well and often with the different departments of a company. They find out the problems within the company, pool together ideas and opinions to remedy the situation, then apply it in the best way possible. They are effective towards the company because they save money, create a better workplace, or create more efficient productivity.

Managers that invest in networking are considered successful because they move up in their departments and gain promotions faster. They are able to do this because they talk to those in higher positions within the company to create better personal relationships between them. They keep adding people to their good list so that they benefit, not necessarily the company.

Maybe there’s a lot to be gained from the networking manager, but I see that the real worth lies in the manager that communicates. The networking manger position seems selfish to me at this point, but maybe I’ll learn about the other side to them later.

I see the worth in the communications manager because they put true effort into the company. Follow me now: What if this manager worked for a steel company? Would you rather have a manager that tried to better the quality of steel or would you rather have a manger that strives for the CEO position for a higher salary? Who do you blame if a steel rod in a building falls weak and cannot withstand the weight of a cement roof? What happens to your opinion of managers once you realize that many people were hurt and killed because of this? I mean you would probably blame the company in general, but who is in charge of organizing?

I’d rather have a manager that is invested in the company for the sake of humanity rather than one after their own wellness. It’s great to want to achieve a certain number of digits on your check, but your work has to reflect that number. You shouldn’t get paid for smiling at people, giving them compliments, pretending like you care about their personal lives, and even flirting. You should get paid for putting in actual work. If you take the initiative to talk to your coworkers, find problems that you didn’t know were there (not creating problems), find out where the company can grow then you should get paid a lot. Your effort in the company means that you want the world to be a better place. Your effort in your personal relationships means that you want your world to be a better place.

I find a great dislike when I hear about someone moving up in a company because they smiled, showed cleavage, wore tight outfits, flirted, and did other annoying selfish acts to get more money (applies to men and women.) I understand how many people in our society today only care about getting money. Meaning that they don’t care about how they make it. If we can rip off someone else’s design and sell it on Instagram then we’re golden. That dishonesty and laziness is one of the things that bugs me currently.

It also bothers me that the people that we’re surrounded by promote this kind of activity. It makes your family look better. “My 20 yr old daughter gettin money!!” I don’t believe that you should be praised for “getting money.” You’re no longer dependent on your parents or anyone else (including the government) so that is something to be happy about. But I’m concerned about how that money was “got.”

Where are the morals that we learned growing up go? Do they not matter anymore because it’s the 21st century? Do those ideas really not apply in today’s society or do we just refuse to answer/do what anyone else told us to do? Are we that self-entitled? Even I listen to my mom when she gives me advice. It may not always work out, but she’s had experience in the past and knows what worked for her best. Don’t you think that those making an honest living have a viable reason for doing so? Do you think that they are naïve chumps? Do you think that they are putting in too much work? Do you call them nerds for trying so hard? Do you call them stupid for not making the right choice and going for the money and forgetting about the business?


I’ll leave you on this last note. My Logistics professor told us on the first day of class that he was not going to give out extra credit. I am completely fine with this. You get what you put out.

He reasoned that if a logistics major was given freeway in school and didn’t know what they should know then should they also be given freeway when a building collapses and kills hundreds of people? “Oh but our Logistics manager tried really hard and we’re sorry about that.” No. It’s not good enough. When something so important that effects the lives of other people goes wrong that means that somebody didn’t do their job right. Why didn’t they do their job right? Probably because they didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t fully invest into the project to take all the precautions that could be taken. If your grandma died because of that falling building would you forgive the Logistics manager because they tried their hardest? I don’t think so.

The same applies to you and your endeavors. Whatever you do, do it 100%. You’re going to become a member of society soon and that’s important. Whatever you do affects the lives of other people. If you see a lazy person not give 100% in their teaching class how are you going to feel about your child’s future? I’m so happy that this person that barely passed university is teaching my child math and English!”

See what I mean?

Later Sweethearts,

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