The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles

10th Monday: Day Before Extraction 7:30pm
I was told not to eat/drink anything 6-8 hours before my surgery. The last thing I had to eat was blackberry cobbler à la mode before my mom and I chose to watch “300 The Rise and Fall.” The cobbler was great and the movie was alright.

11th Tuesday: Extraction Day 8:30am
I woke up at 7am and got ready for my appointment immediately. I couldn’t take my normal medication because of the no eating/drinking 6-8 hours before operation rule. I had already packed the day before to stay at my parents house the rest of Spring Break. It only took my mom 15 minutes to drive us to the dentist’s office. I signed it, signed a packet of forms that told me about every risk possible, then watched a DVD that showed me every risk possible. The only things I was truly afraid about was becoming permanently numb (which my doctor informed me only happened to 4 of his patients wtf), my jaw breaking because it’s so fragile, or damaging nerves.

I waited until after 9am to be seen. All the while I talked to my mom about everything that was going to go on and about everything bad I thought would happen to me. She told me at the last minute that I would be given an IV which doubled my anxiety instantly. I have Trypanophobia.

When I went into the operating room the nurse immediately kept attaching everything she could to me. She placed 3 stickers to measure my vitals then took my blood pressure using 2 different methods. She also gave me oxygen which I couldn’t tell at all if it was working or not. The doctor came in and picked up the IV, but before he did anything the nurse told him that I was terribly afraid of that part. He told me “Well it’s just like any IV” and I told him that I’ve only had one done before (scoliosis scan) years ago and that this was my first surgery. He gave me a bewildered look then went outside to “check my records.” While I waited in the room alone I couldn’t wait to be put to sleep. I tried playing with my vitals, because who wouldn’t!? I managed to figure out how to make the different lines go up, down, faster, and slower. That was neat.

Finally the doctor came into the room again and immediately (that’s the word of the day btw haha) put the IV into me. I cried of course. Then he started putting more stuff in me that felt cold and terrible. The nurse told me that I would be feeling sleepy soon, I nodded my head, she put mouth openers in my mouth, and that was all I remember.

The most attractive photo of me yet

My mom told me what happened afterwards because I don’t really remember much save these freaking selfies that I decided I needed to take right when I woke up haha~

The nurse told her 25 minutes after they took me in that I was ready to go. They gave her my medicine and told her what I needed to do when I woke up. The nurses apparently told me to bend my knees and I nodded and started walking like a duck… then I remember them telling me to lay down in the backseats of the car. Somewhere in between laying down and waking up I found my iPod in my purse and listened to music. My addiction to music is strong… When I woke up my mom told me to eat something and take my medication. I typed a note on the Notepad App on my iPhone to my mom.


So she stopped on the side of the highway, got the stuff I needed out, and tried to feed me so I could take my medication. I almost threw up, and when it was all over I feel asleep again for 4 hours. I remember being ultra sensitive to light and smells. I usually only feel that way when I have a migraine, so I guess I was on the verge of a migraine. When I got home I couldn’t really walk. I was dizzy and my legs were jello. I went immediately to my bed and fell asleep. Then my mom woke me up again to take my meds.

Water hurt the most! I tried eating applesauce, but it stung. So then I tried eating mashed potatoes. They were alright, but I was dealing with nausea so I couldn’t eat much. Afterwards I had to take my meds and when the water touched the area where the surgery was done it hurt so bad that I almost blacked out. I had to wait 10 minutes between each pill to get them down. I also had very limited mobility of my mouth.

The worst overall pain was just those sockets hurting. I’m supposed to take pain killers every 4-6 hours to get rid of it.

12th Wednesday: Pain 3:00am
I woke up at 3am because my lower jaws were killing me. I ate mashed potatoes then took all of my meds. I fell asleep again an hour later then woke up when I heard my mom blasting music in her room.

I kept waking up, eating a bit, taking my meds, then goinging back to sleep until noon. My mom bought me a ton of yogurt and gelatin so that I could eat something. Something inside of me told me not to eat the yogurt, but I did anyways.

I layed down in my bed to try and go to sleep, but I felt nauseous. I kept pushing myself to go to sleep for another 20 minutes, but my body wasn’t having it. So I kept calling my mom so that she could call the dentist to see what I needed to do if I did throw up (while I was throwing up), but she didn’t answer. I sat on the bathroom floor for about 30 minutes straight. I was pretty okay because the nausea came in waves, until I needed to use the restroom. When I was done my body gave in and I threw up green liquid. Right before that though, my dentist’s assistant called me to check on how I was doing. I told her exactly how I felt and she told me that I’m still nauseous because I’m petite. After I threw up I took a shower. I sat on my bed for a while feeling normal, but now the nausea is coming back. I don’t think that I can lay down since I felt the nausea heighten the last time I felt this way and tried to lay down.

I just took it easy and fell asleep for the rest of the day. By dinner time I was able to keep down très leches cake and chicken & stars soup.

13th Thursday: Pain Round Two 4:00am
I woke up at 4am again because of pain in my lower jaw. Those sockets are the ones that hurt the most. I took my pain medication then stayed up until it went away.

Chipmunk 10:30am
When I woke up again it was because of pain, so I took more meds, a shower, then stayed up to eat the rest of the cake from yesterday. I could only muster the energy to do computer work today (save the time I went out for 30 minutes to take photos.) My cheeks are a bit swollen today. The right one is more swollen than the left. I’ve been rinsing with salt and half a bottle of water after each time I eat. I guess you could say that I’m eating semi-solid foods by now. I’m still afraid to eat yogurt again since that triggered my nausea last time, but I should be fine. It was the numbing medicine that was still in my system that made me sick…

I haven’t been too sleepy or fatigued today which is great. I’ve been craving sweets and solid foods however. I don’t usually crave solid foods because I eat pretty much liquids normally anyways…I’m currently watching the Food channel haha.

14th Friday: Throw Up 1pm
I started to feel very nauseous after my 2nd round of medicine. I layed down for a while then 30 minutes later went to the restroom to sit on the floor. I waited another 30 minutes before I had to actually use the restroom, then after I threw up. I threw up 3 times then went back to my room to fix my bed then take a nap.

During my nap I suddenly woke up and went to the restroom again to immediately throw up. Then I went to sleep again.

My dad came home and tried to feed me chicken noodle soup with applesauce. I could barely walk and my body was in so much pain that I almost passed out 3 times sitting at the kitchen table. I threw up again in the bin then immediately after started scarfing down applesauce. I ate 2 containers before I stopped and watched TV on the couch. I don’t think I threw up any more after that.

I ate a cheese enchilada and sat up to watch some TV. Sleeping was the worst because my stomach was hurting, my jaw was hurting and I was afraid to take the medicine that made me throw up, and my scoliosis was killing me because I had been lying down all day.

I later figured out that I had a migraine.

15th Saturday: Headache 3am
I woke up at 3am to the same pain that I had been dealing with since I stopped taking my pain medicine yesterday. It’s a constant throbbing headache type of pain. I tried to eat a muffin and applesauce this morning so I could take my antibiotic. My stomach was gassy and not feeling well at all.

My stomach is settling down although there is still pain there. My throbbing headache pain from my jaw hasn’t dimmed down yet at all. It only feels better when I apply heat. I’ve been able to keep down foods. I’ve taken my normal pill, half of my pain killer, and my antibiotic, all an hour apart so far.

I tried spending time with my parents before I had to go back to university. I was doing alright for a while until I got ultra fatigued. Also, I’ve been having horrible stomach pains from all the medicine that I’ve been taking in. It’s really painful. My jaw has a constant pain going on that in turn gives me a constant headache. I didn’t want to take my pain medicine because that would just make my stomach hurt, so I toughed it through the night.

It took me a while to fall asleep because of the pain. I woke up suddenly at 2am because of this strange tingling sensation in my right arm. Then my back started feeling sore (scoliosis) so I laid in bed for about an hour trying whatever position imaginable to help me fall back asleep.

16th Sunday: Irritable 10am
I woke up super irritated because of my multiple pains. My jaw was bothering me, my back was sore, my stomach pains were still bad, and I had to drive 4 hours that day dealing with all of this. I hate thinking about taking my medicine because it gives me pain. I need it to fight off infection, but it really sucks right now.

I’m eating pretty regularly now. I still can’t eat solid foods, so all I eat is muffins, applesauce, and water. This doesn’t bother me much because this is the stuff I eat on a regular basis. My jaw pain went down substantially so I don’t need to take my pain medication. I took 2 Advils today before I set off on my 4 hour drive. My stomach pains have dimmed down but they’re still there.

My mouth looks pretty healthy. I can see a black hole-looking-thing on my right bottom side, but other than that everything looks pretty nice. I can brush my teeth a bit better today and I can open my mouth wider. I think that pain comes when I talk or open my mouth a lot. Good thing I was by myself today.

17th Monday: Better
The only thing I had to complain about this day was being tired constantly and having headaches during class. I started using my molars to chew soft foods now!

I went to the dentist’s office in the morning for a post-op check up. 5 nurses looked at me and were quite shocked with how well/fast I was healing. They thought that I would still be swelled up and in pain because of my “petite” size. The dentist told me that everything was going perfectly fine, he cleaned some debris out for me, and told me to keep rinsing after I eat. I have about 1 more week until I’m completely healed, but I feel way better today.

18th Tuesday: Normal (Sort-of) 9am
I woke up and ate breakfast as normal. My jaw wasn’t in pain when I woke up and the pain didn’t wake me up during the night. I can open my mouth a little wider now, but not completely. The molars on both sides are getting more use, so that means that I have to clean meticulously.

20th Thursday: Normal!
I only have the slightest pain when I chew down with my molars, but other than that I’m completely healed finally!

Later Sweethearts,

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