Colorado! 03/29/2014 – Pt.2

This is the part where you get to see a couple of photos of the School of Mines in Colorado.

After we explored the mountain mentioned in my previous Colorado post, we had a tour of the campus. The woman that we met was very nice and accommodating. We spent most of our time getting to know the Engineering building, which by the way contains smart classrooms & 2 rooms where engineers can build whatever projects their working on.

I really enjoyed the open and friendly atmosphere of the Engineering building. There were wires and other parts lying around the experimental section of the building which was quite cool to see. It truly looked like a place where you have total creative control with the help of other people that know what their doing…or at least look like it haha.




Next we chanced upon a vintage car show right next to the university. We had to take a look because my dad is completely crazy about that stuff.




After the car show, we were a bit peckish so we headed downtown to look at the shops & find something to eat.

Outfit of the day?



I love tiny things pt.1
I love tiny things pt.2
I love tiny things pt.2




At lunch I ordered an Absinthe because I’m a big girl that’s picky about her alcohol. Never offer me beer. The waiter told me that he gave me quite a lot of Absinthe…

Afterwards, my family & I ventured out to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science because museums are cool.





Aquamarine is my birthstone. I learned that the color ranges from blue to green so there isn’t one color that makes Aquamarine. Pretty neat.

Also, there are a ton of minerals shown in Colorado because of the mountains and having an abundance of minerals there. I bought a pretty sweet Amethyst necklace (that’s supposed to protect the wearer from drunkenness wtf.)





This sculpture is made entirely of minerals! Even the little white rectangle at the bottom right! It portrays a Russian woman at the sauna. I know that Finnish people do this, but I didn’t know that Russians used birch tree limbs at the sauna too!

The next post will contain downtown Denver and dinosaurs.

Later Sweethearts,

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