Colorado! 03/30-31/2014 – Pt.3

At the end of the day from my previous post about this trip, we ventured downtown to find something to eat and walk it off.

We ate at a really nice place called “Sam’s No.3.” We had 2 banana splits that were as big as my torso & I had cheese enchiladas while my mom & dad had gigantic salads. We sat under heaters which was really nice considering that it was freaking cold outside. Also, the waiters were polite and personable.

At the end of our meal a SWAT team and the sheriff went on patrol to help contain a protest. I forgot what the city was protesting about, but it reminded me of France’s “manifestations” 😀







We walked around, my mom went shopping, and then we went back to the hotel. Pretty standard.

The next day we went to see dinosaurs.





The woman that gave us the tour was knowledgeable, interactive, funny, and friendly. She really had a passion for dinosaurs and explained to us things that would have otherwise been boring to learn in a classroom.

One side of the mountain that we took the tour on was a desert & the other was a beach. I saw the footprints of dinosaurs that had very limited movement of their necks, and she explained to us what types of dinosaurs were strong & smart compared to those that had tiny brains & huge bellies.

They also colored some of the dinosaur prints with charcoal so that you can see them clearer! The downward bumps in the few pictures coming are also dinosaur footprints. Like, they were heavy animals so they pushed the Earth down when they walked. It was pretty amazing to see that in real life.





We headed back to the airport around 3pm. I studied on the way back to Texas, but sometime in between the voyage I looked out the window and saw a bunch of circles.

Explain this to me humanity:





Later Sweethearts,


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