Mettre à Jour #2


J’ai une petite histoire drôle:
J’ai pris une sieste et après je suis allée à MacDo pour un café. Je pense que j’étais trop fatigué parce que l’homme qui marche chez MacDo m’a parlé en français ! J’étais trop trop embrouillé (?) ! Peut-être j’ai parlé en français quand j’ai donné ma commande… C’était bizarre. Il y a un homme qui parle français chez MacDo…

I have a funny story:
I took a nap & right after I went to McDonalds for a coffee. I think that I was very tired because the man that works at McDonalds talked to me in French! I was very very confused! Maybe I spoke in French when I ordered… It was weird. There’s a man that speaks French at McDonalds…


Photo on 4-13-14 at 6.58 PM #3


Last week I was reading “I Was Born on a Blue Day” by Daniel Tammet before class and came across this interesting word:

Le week-end dernier je lisais “Je suis né un jour bleu” par Daniel Tammet avant ma classe et j’ai trouvé ce mot intéressant:


“Kaunis” means beautiful in Finnish and at this time in the book Daniel is teaching in the Lithuanian Republic. I didn’t realize how close the 2 locations were, so it confused me at first how close the 2 words are. Apparently “Kaunas” is just a name for that town in Lithuania…it has no other meaning.

[Je n’ai pas les temps à traduire en français et donc désolée ! Je vous aime ❤ Peut-être plus tard]




I like to take walks during the afternoon on days where the weather is good. I love walking. I used to do it all the time in my hometown. I just hate it when guys drive by and “holler at me.” You’re not making my impression of boys your age any better. I also hate it when they ride on their bikes and bother me. That just makes it easier for me to hurt you, you know? It also truly pisses me off when they slow their vehicles down to WATCH ME. I have the worst temper ever and I can be quite violent when my temper gets out of hand. My dad taught me self defense growing up and I’ve had plenty of experience using it on my brother, cousins, rude neighbors, and stupid school kids.

When I was 7 I broke this boy’s arm because he touched my hair. Oops.

[Je n’ai pas les temps à traduire en français et donc désolée ! Je vous aime ❤ Peut-être plus tard]



Later Sweethearts,

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