Mettre à Jour?

I’ve been hella busy as of late. The only reason why I’m blogging now is because I have the flu and can’t go to work and I can’t comprehend maths either wtf. If this post is incoherent desolée~

The reasons why I haven’t been updating lately/this whole past summer:

  • Had to finish finals in May. Made an A in one of my hardest classes ever after I got my car towed for studying too early for the class’ final the same day -__-.
  • 4 friends graduated in the morning the next day. Then my brother graduated that evening. Then I met a new friend after that while I was in zombie mode =__=.
  • Just thinking about these occurrences makes me tired…
  • Family left back to hometown then I got a kareshi~
  • Got a hamster. Returned a hamster.
  • Went to see Tritonal live in Houston with the Otouto.
  • Came back to Uni town and applied for every internship to fulfill my internship course. Also applied to 30+ jobs in case that failed. Study for GRE.
  • Got an “internship” that actually wasn’t -_-. Wasted time.
  • Went to Galveston with the Kareshi.
  • Had to apply for actual internship, get hired, then apply for it as a course within 3 days. Mega ultra stressed.
  • Started Management class shortly after. Tried to drop it because of finances. Failed because of no refund. -___-.
  • Work at 7am. Class from 10am-12pm. Lunch until 1pm. Then work from 1pm-5pm. Do homework, eat, shower, then sleep before 10pm. Repeat.
  • Yell at lazy teammates for not putting in effort. I was the only one actually doing the homework w t f.
  • Have the worst apartment mate experience EVER with a bunch of spoiled children.
  • Found storage and moved out of apartment suddenly.
  • Stress the kareshi out about my safety & life. Gomenasai kareshi!
  • Find new apartment and commence couch surfing.
  • Write paper, work full time, get incredibly sick for a week.
  • Couch surf again. Register for GRE. Visit brother in hometown before he moves out of state. Kareshi gets sick as well.
  • Sent a document to financial aid again that they lost. Was unimpressed by “Godzilla” and finally hung out with friends.
  • Spent a weekend in Dallas with the kareshi.
  • Got a new phone.

That’s not everything, but it pretty up sums my summer up. I can’t English right now at all.

Brain is dead. Body feels like it ran a triathlon, got hit by one of the trucks I booked, then sniffed pepper for 3 hours straight so that I can’t stop sneezing. It’s wonderful.

Later Sweethearts,

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