Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya 12-’14

Hello sweethearts!

I’m alive and ready to type things~

I took a hiatus from my website because my life was extra super busy to the point where I felt like I was having a continuous heart-attack for four months…but I’ll explain that in another post.

I wanted to thank you all for visiting my site even though I haven’t had the time to update anything. Thank you so much for staying interested in my life. You guys are the coolest!

After the Fall 2014 semester, the かれし aka the kareshi invited me to Japan! He wanted me to meet his family and visit his hometown. Also, it was a open chance to see how I operate in Japan lol

I left for New York from Texas on December 14th. My parents dropped me off at 2pm when my flight was at 6:30pm, so there was a lot of waiting. Eventually I arrived in New York after not seeing the kareshi for around two months. It was like a scene from a movie when he opened the door to my cab (´∀`)♡

I stayed the night in his apartment and we left for Japan the next morning around 11am.

I have a fear of planes…I don’t usually like admitting this because I don’t want to invite bad vibes, but I was sort of afraid for this 13h(?) trip. When I told the kareshi he was like “Don’t think about that. That will never happen.” So kareshi-esque lol

It actually wasn’t bad at all! I fell asleep for the majority of the trip and the plane wasn’t full so I felt more at ease. The kareshi even fell asleep even though he usually doesn’t. I remember the stewardesses giving us wet towelettes before we took off and I thought “oh Delta airlines is so much nicer than any other company that I’ve flown with”, but I later learned that it’s a normal routine in Japanese culture to wash you hands and face before you eat, etc. So freaking cool.

After our long flight I felt gross of course ( ̄ω ̄;)  The kareshi’s family was waiting for us right when we left the gate and the anxiety mixed with not having taken a shower for hours made me self conscious.

When I met them they were so nice. They hugged me and took my bags for me…I remember the kareshi’s おかあさん (okaa-san/mom) telling me “さむい” aka “samui” aka “it’s cold” and I was so content that I could understand her (◕‿◕✿)

We ate 串揚げ (kushiage) (omg I just noticed that the first character looks like kushiage wtf) which is like fried vegetables on skewers. It was my first time being served freshly fried food with a group of people in succession, and the vegetables weren’t the ones that I was used to eating in Texas (purple sweet potato, etc.) so I ate rather slowly… It took me a while to notice that I was bringing the velocity of the meal down lol I actually learned how to eat (sort of) quickly by the end of the trip, which is the exact opposite of how I prefer to eat but wuteva~

If you have a hard time comprehending the process of kushiage: It’s like a conveyor belt where the chef fries the food and places it in front of you right after it’s done. Then he does it to the person next to you and so on until everyone has been served that vegetable or food item. When everyone is done with that particular food, they then fry the next item and repeat the process. They continue until everyone is satisfied, and if you’re the one person out of five that’s full then you have to tough it out until everyone is finished. The chef won’t feed only the four people left and leave you out… let’s just say that the kareshi had a double food baby that night lolol

I didn’t take many pictures during the trip because it was mainly a period of bonding with the かれし‘s family. But here’s some that I took in Nagoya! (Not all on the same day of course.)



 EDITDSC06375It snowed on the 2nd day.


たぬき/ Tanuki! These statues were everywhere and when I asked the かれし why he said “idk” #thanks


Saw this group of workers building a snowman while I was on the train~


Okay it’s mind blowing time. Queuing for the train is apparently a normal thing in Japan. I thought there was a worker or policeman telling them to form a line but no…THEY DID IT BY THEMSELVES LIKE I WANT MY CHILDREN TO BE THIS WAY PLEASE omg the consideration level is over 9,000


I’ve developed a habit of taking photos of sewer covers whenever I travel abroad lol They’re so much more interesting than the ones in America.


DO YOU SEE THIS PARKING CONTRAPTION!? It brings your car down like a vending machine. That is all.






This is the crepe stand that the かれし frequented often while he was in high school. Apparently, it was featured on an international television show. Cool cool~


That’s all for this post, but I have many more to come! I’m not sure how to organize my content since I was in Japan for 2 weeks and visited two other cities during my stay, but I’ll figure it out~


Later sweethearts,

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