Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.3 12-’14

This may be the last Nagoya post…maybe lol


Told the かれし that I like bean sprouts and onions(°o°;)


鱈子 / Tarako is mecha love (´ ▽`).。o♡


EDITDSC06445 EDITDSC06455You guys I went to an actual sushi restaurant! The chef tried to figure what foods I liked and apparently the かれし‘s sister and I have similar tastes 🙂

If you’ve never been to a real sushi restaurant before: The chef cuts the fresh fish in front of you and places the sushi onto the wooden plank separating you two. He put down “condiments” that go well with whatever fish he served too and I have to say that everything was mecha おいしい !! The only problem that I had was the intensity of the taste of the fish. So I stuck with eating abalone/shellfish mostly lol.



Nagoya at night.
Which reminds me:





The かれし took me to dinner for Christmas! In Japan, most people aren’t Christian so Christmas is more of a couple holiday. The restaurant that he took me to was filled with couples! They only had one menu for the night, but the かれし let them know that I couldn’t eat meat so they made an exception for me 🙂 The food was really delicious and we had champagne! I actually lost my voice while I was in Japan for around five days and this was one of the days where I could barely talk. We didn’t need to talk to enjoy our time together though~

After we ate dinner he took me to the top of the mall where there’s an open area that overlooks Nagoya. It was freezing cold and my feet were killing me (from shoes a size too small), but it was a very heartwarming experience. Later when we rested we saw high school students on their first date and it was ultra adorable!






We went to Nagoya Aquarium to see the かれし‘s sister play the saxophone. The aquarium was quite nice and they had English guides which made my life easier lol

The かれし kept pointing to different fish saying “that’s delicious” wtf ♡

A really surreal moment happened while the band was playing… When they were talking to the audience the dolphins were minding their own business doing dolphin things. But when the music started playing, the smallest white dolphin came right behind the band and started swaying to the music!!! No lie, this is completely trufax. Everyone was so encapsulated by what was happening that we didn’t get footage of it happening. Another memory~









The first three photos are from a typical ramen restaurant. This is where I truly experienced how busy Japanese people are. I saw around 4-5 rotations of people going in and out to eat. They eat crazy fast and the food comes crazy fast after you order. Of course it took me around an hour to savor the flavor because IT WAS SO GOOD ♡

And then we went to matcha and red bean heaven:




Later Sweethearts,

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