Japan: 名古屋城 / Nagoya Castle & Shrine 12-’14

Hello sweethearts~

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve actually been pretty busy graduating uni, job hunting, moving, etc. so I have a valid excuse for my absence!

I want to update you guys on my current life, but I don’t want my Japan posts to get too out of order. I’ll try to finish them soon so I can show you guys my graduation date and all the concerts I went to~~~~

During one of our slower days in Japan, the kareshi took me to see Nagoya Castle, which I’ve previously heard a lot of hype about from numerous bloggers. The sakura trees are why that location is most popular, but we didn’t get to experience that as we were visiting during December.

The landscape was still damn pretty! The snow and trees paired with the lack of people made that day perfect for a peaceful walk with the kareshi.




The entrance to the castle grounds. As you can see there were almost no people there that day 🙂





 The kareshi was quite hungry even though we were due for dinner in only a few hours haha
He wanted to stop at the small restaurant on the castle grounds to show me the traditional noodles that originated in Nagoya! They’re named “Kishimen” (“men” means noodle in Japanese & Kishi is the style.) As you can see from the photo, they’re flat!
Also everything here was super yummy and the bottle to the right (almost cut off from the photo) is hot honey tea!! It was the most amazing drink that I had in Japan!




During our walk the kareshi and I spotted a small tea house in the middle of the grounds. He used to visit Nagoya castle multiple times when he was in grade school but he didn’t remember this tea house! We didn’t think it was open, but upon walking closer we saw that we could order a traditional matcha drink with the “rice cake of the day.” There was also a gift shop inside!

The matcha drink was potent and the rice cake was red bean with fruit inside! It was so delicious! Also, we got to see the lady make the matcha in front of us, and if you didn’t notice already…there were gold flakes in the matcha drink! 😀

The tea house had normal tables for sitting but also an elevated area where you would normally drink this type of drink traditional style. I asked the kareshi if I could take a picture in the elevated area and to our pleasure the employees suggested that we have our meal there! The kareshi had never experienced this before and it was definitely a moment to remember for the rest of our lives!

This was inside a house on the castle grounds…I forgot what the house was for unfortunately :/ (will ask the kareshi later lolol) We had to take our shoes off of course, and there was no flash photography allowed. I do remember that the house was built from some special imported wood that would deteriorate rather quickly if exposed to many elements. There were a ton of employees around every corner to ensure that no one used flash, bumped or scratched anything, or generally tried to ruin the inside of the house.

I believe this was fried rice covered in some sauce. We had dango right before this, and I made the kareshi eat this himself since I couldn’t eat anymore ^^;

We actually spent so much time strolling around the castle that we only had 30 minutes until the entire grounds closed…including the castle itself haha. The kareshi and I ran into the castle and basically sprinted up the 4 steps! The inside of the castle was like a museum.

The kareshi wanted to make it to the top of the castle so he could show me Nagoya from its point of view. I got a few souvenirs up there as well~

These bottom photos are of a very popular shrine in Nagoya! The Kareshi used to go to this shrine all the time when he was younger.


At these entrances you’re supposed to bow before you enter and after you exit!

This is basically what the inside of the shrine looked like! There were a few buildings scattered about and also some smaller shrines.

This is area is located close to the main shrine. People wash their hands, sometimes their faces, and sometimes drink from this water!

These were our fortunes! You tie them to this post when you’re done reading them to recycle~

And that’s basically it for Nagoya! (I think LOL) Granted, I did spend most of my time in the kareshi’s hometown, I think that I’ve covered almost everything that I experienced in Nagoya.

Next I’ll talk about the mini excursions that the kareshi’s parents so generously planned for me! I swear, they are the nicest people on this planet! ❤

Later Sweethearts,

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