2016 Review

Hey sweethearts,

Long time no blog 😁

I’ve been on a hiatus from this blog mostly because of my first “big girl” job out of university. I could talk more about that in detail, but it’s pretty depressing. Let’s just say that I wasn’t treated well there and I got out (thank the universe) at the end of this year, so I’m trying to go back into being a healthy functioning adult now. I wanted to start blogging again just because I genuinely enjoy recording my life. I look back at these posts on my social media and it brings back good and bad memories that I appreciate. I want to keep reflecting and learning so I’m going to try to keep posting more this year.

Also, thank you for reading my blog although I was on hiatus. I would come back to my page when I had a moment to spare with the intent of posting something throughout my absence and see that my stats were still active with readers. Y’all are still cool.❤️

Let’s start with an overview of 2016! Oh I also moved to California in 2015.


Slouchy & sad per usual at my first big girl job
  • 6th month working at my first big girl job. Feeling the “after PEAK” vibes and probably in a bad mood for the majority of this month.
  • Ex-boyfriend visited me for a week and we just lazed around. (Not a good time)
  • David Bowie & Prince (my #1 husband) left the Earth. Truly devastating for me since they are 2 of my favorite artists (HIM is still #1)



My Labradorite ring has an eye in it! Also pictured is my Moldavite ring
  • I started to get into Crystal healing a few months ago at this point. I remember finding this rad metaphysical shop 30 minutes away from where I live in California, so this begins buying a stone ring once a month.
  • Started to get interested in “witchcraft” and manipulating energies more. I’m Native American, so I use a cross of the beliefs in my practice.




  • My 아빠 visited me on my birthday after spending a year in Korea!
  • My first big girl job gave me news that further pissed me off throughout my stay there.



Yosemite with friends
Central Park
Awesome friends! I basically live in Yosemite park
  • Saw Noel Fielding live!! We made eye contact for what seemed like 2 minutes straight when he introduced himself to the crowd by section. It was the fucking best thing that happened to me at that point in the year so far.
  • Developed tiny bumps all over my body. Realized that it was from a Vitamin D deficiency. Did I tell you that I’ve been working a 10 hour night shift for 10 months at this point?
  • Cousin, grandma, and aunt visited me in San Francisco!
  • I went to New York for a week and it wasn’t the best trip there. I’ve said it before and I hold the same opinion today: I hate New York. & it’s not just because my ex-boyfriend lived there.




Momma made this pillow from one of my grandma’s shirts
  • Ex-boyfriend broke up with me over Skype on our 2 year anniversary.😑
  • A week later my grandmother on my momma’s side passed away in her sleep.
  • Went to Texas for the funeral and it was flooding hardcore.




  • One year at my shitty first big girl job.
  • Helped code a robot at work.
  • Marched in the San Francisco PRIDE parade with the Asexual group!





One of my close friends I made in California. She’s the best y’all


  • Car battery died at work and I realized how many true friends I made in California.❤️
  • Got scolded for smiling at work. I will never forget that.
  • Started having mad crazy bad cramps. They were so bad that I had to leave work early otherwise I would lose my vision and pass out. I couldn’t walk and spent 2 days in bed. I couldn’t even eat properly. I got tested for fibroids, POS, etc and came out with a clean bill wtf
  • Pierced my cartilage spontaneously because I was really ungrounded at this point in the year. I couldn’t stay focused and I would daydream constantly. My head made a home in the clouds.
  • Stayed a weekend in Tahoe with the work squad ❤️  It was much needed fun!
  • Started getting lash extensions. A very good decision!
  • Also started getting laser hair removal treatments on my underarms. So painful! But so worth it!



Went to Yosemite too many times to count!
  • Nothing substantial.


Muir Woods where my friend & I climbed everything climbable & had a yelling contest with strangers across the woods!
Venice Beach


Universal Studios




  • My mom, brother, and his girlfriend visited me in California! We all went to Universal studios, Disneyland, toured San Diego and LA! I fell in love with Disneyland and got to experience Harry Potter world!
  • I begin a Leave of Absence from my shitty first big girl job.
  • I spend 2 weeks in Texas during my leave because my grandma on my father’s side fell ill. I took care of her everyday while she was in the hospital and hung out with her all day and night while the rest of the family was at work. The nurses thought that I was in high school and learning how to become a nurse 😂  They were quite impressed with my quick learning curve and caring instincts.
  • My aunt, uncle, cousin, and his girlfriend visited me in San Francisco! They initially came to go to the League of Legends Worlds Championship opening that I got to attend. It was so much fun!
  • Was dumb and bought a last minute ticket to Yorkshire for 2 weeks.









  • If you’re bored reading this post this is where it gets semi-interesting. Because I was dumb I went to England alone to meet a friend (ex-shitty-friend gdi.)
    • I almost missed my flight because of traffic, the “friend” I was meeting stayed another day in Amsterdam so I had to book a last minute (& first time) Air BnB in Manchester.
    • I stayed in Leeds for 3 days with my “friend” then they freaked out and ditched me/ghosted me.
    • Stayed in an Air BnB in Ilkley for a night where I met a nice Scottish (?) man that helped me get a taxi out. During that night I had probably the worst panic attack in my life. I had to talk to my friend for 3 hours while I was freaking out because my pity party went in so deep that I couldn’t realize where I was, what I was doing, what I was thinking, how I got there in the first place, and generally my mind went blank. It was the worst. I don’t think that I could go through any panic attack worse than that. Don’t even try me 2017. 😶
    • Went back to Leeds to an Air BnB that I insta-booked, but was not actually available (no one was living there.) Booked a last minute hotel in Leeds for the remainder of my trip that was really hard for my Uber drivers to find.
    • Booked a last minute train to London for 3 days. Stayed at a really fun and friendly hostel where I met 2 German girls. The presidential debate was being streamed online one of those days & it was humbling to see people from different countries show their concern for America. London was cool to experience by myself. I’m really glad that the universe gave me that opportunity although I was a wreck emotionally & had to talk to a friend almost every hour to keep myself together.
    • Arrived hours early to my flight back to the states. Actually excited to go back to my shitty first big girl job.




  • Left my shitty first big girl job!




  • Started working at my amazing current job with wonderful people.
  • Moved closer to the Bay/closer to more amazing weather, and into a friendly community.
  • Got my dad a really nice telescope and my mom a new computer for Christmas along with my brother!

At the end of this year everyone is saying “2016 was the worst year of my life!” and I could definitely say the same. But I’m not going to. I will say this: It sucks losing 2 of your favorite artists that you’ve connected to at a young age & ultimately looked up to in the beginning of the same year. It sucks having to lose someone you were really comfortable with for 2 years suddenly over a damn Skype call after seeing them a few days before, then having your grandmother pass away a week later. It sucks that I was dragging myself through my shitty first big girl job every night for 10 hours straight weeks after weeks then going through health problem after health problem. It sucks that my other grandma fell ill and that a hopeful prospect of a friend treated me worse than an ugly dog after I sacrificed so much to see them across the world.

But I’m grateful for the hard times I went through. I’m grateful that I knew about the art of my 2 most favorite artists. I’m grateful for the things that I experienced with my ex-boyfriend. I’m grateful that my grandmother passed away peacefully, that my other grandma is doing fine now, & that I got to spend time with my family in Texas. I’m grateful for the experiences, soft skills I learned, and people I met at my shitty first big girl job. I’m grateful that I took the chance to meet a friend across the world & that I made it out alive & stronger from that experience.

I’ve learned so much this year. I learned so much about myself and about things I didn’t think I needed to know about or fathom. I’ve been given more humbling experiences this year, & although I’m a truly overly-grateful person I’ve gained a deeper meaning  into not taking absolutely anything for granted. The people I meet everyday could be amazing or quite shitty. Nothing is guaranteed. You could be left all alone in a foreign place, but Priscilla you can damn well take care of yourself. You’ll be misunderstood for the rest of your life, but you have to know which battles to fight. Although I’ve decided to separate myself from my family I know that they will always be a support for me & vise versa.

My ex told me that Japanese culture has this belief that the worst part of a woman’s life is around my current age (22-23.) It’s the age where we gain the most experiences and deal with some of the worst situations. I thought, “what if everyone saying that 2016 is the worst because most of the more vocal people on social media are around my age?” or maybe we’re all too spoiled & increase our complaints as we get older.

Either way, it was definitely a hard year. I definitely needed this year. There were many moments where I didn’t know who I was and wasn’t myself. Then the universe hit me hard with some life lessons. Throughout my blogging career I’ve reflected & been quite introspective about life in general. I’m glad that this stuff happened to me. I will always keep learning.

Later Sweethears,

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4 thoughts on “2016 Review

  1. Proud of all you done even the bad times you had and you got through it just fine. A bit scary but your, your momma daughter and I taught you well. Your strong & independent

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