I’ve written 2 blog posts on the subjects of minimalism & decluttering. It’s a habit of mine to take out the unnecessary objects, feelings, people, (but not thoughts wtf) in my life. I’ve realized that although I take out a bag of “junk” at least once a month (& have done so for the past few years) that I keep having to do so. In the beginning, the majority of my unneeded items consisted of clothing or small nick nacks. Over time I realized that my range of unnecessary items has broadened. I literally took out 2 rice cookers in one go. TWO. But I had 3 rice cooker pots wtf 🤔

As I’m moving into my new place in California I’ve driven myself to actually start becoming a minimalist. Ok, it wasn’t completely motivated by my sheer thought or desire of wanting to reduce the amount of items in my possession. I’m basically moving alone and moving 20+ boxes of stuff that you don’t use half of the time is pretty motivating to start taking sh*t out of your life physically. I was planning on taking photos of everything I cleaned out but… it’s pretty shameful. Let me start from the beginning & why I believe I kept everything. Also, I got rid of around 40 writing utensils. FORTY.

Growing up my parents would keep everything. I believe that on my mother’s behalf it was for sentimental reasons. I remember that she kept a glass jar that was given to her from her 18th birthday & I broke it while setting it on my bed one day. She flipped & in hindsight from my POV I don’t think I could place so much sentiment on an object that was bought from a store. But people are different, c’est la vie. On my father’s behalf I believe he kept everything because he might need it in the future. These are pretty typical reasons to keep junk in your life & growing up I think I leaned more towards my father’s reasoning of keeping everything. Did I tell you that I donated a pair of jeans that I had for 10+ years? Cause I did 🙊

Fast forward to moving for university. Everything that I was given was hand-me-down. It started when I was growing up with my cousin giving me her old clothes and escalated until I graduated university to my ex giving me all of his old furniture before he moved to New York. So not only did I keep everything I earned myself, but also objects that held other people’s energies. I didn’t realize that this was one of the causes of my depression as I: 1. Held the thought that I was incapable of earning myself the basics of life. 2. I was surrounded by other people’s energies in these items & hadn’t cultivated my own energy into “newly” bought items. 3. My possessions didn’t match therefore causing uneasiness whether I was aware of it or not. 4. These items reminded me of places or people that didn’t bring me the best vibes. So overall I was creating an atmosphere that was increasingly detrimental to my mental health. Also I donated a box of resin pendants that I hand crafted. Again wtf.

Story time is over.

I want this minimalistic lifestyle so I can stay focused. I was always a person that was interested in many things. There are seldom few things that will not catch my interest in life, I literally give almost everything a chance, I claim to be a jack of all trades (or did), I start projects & dive into these personas that push me to add more objects into my life to make it even more interesting or fulfilling, & I ultimately end up with too much junk in the end. I don’t blame myself at all. I had to go through this definitely. For one, I’m young & still discovering life. I can give myself this broadened scope to experience what I choose to experience & I’m grateful that I have the resources to do so. Secondly, life is hard & depressing. If I didn’t find these topics or crafts to become interested in then idk if I would have survived man.

I’m only 23 years old currently, but I think I have a pretty good hold of what’s important to me. It’s definitely not what’s important to a normal person, and I could probably expand on that topic in another post. This may not last for the rest of my life, but I can say confidently that these are ideas that have stayed pretty consistent so far.

What’s Important to Me at 23 (in no order):

  • Serenity
    • Meditation
    • Enjoying moments of calm
    • Being at peace
    • Being present
  • Learning
    • Books
    • The Internet (as a resource)
    • Teaching others
    • Challenging myself
    • Deep thoughts
  • Health
    • Knowing exactly what I’m putting into my body
    • Being vegan
    • Yoga/Pilates
    • Hydration
    • Nourishment
  • Yu Yu Hakusho & HIM
    • Cause duh man

I’m pretty good at practicing the serenity aspect of my life. Just by being grateful & in the moment, so that’s not a true issue as to why I want a minimalistic lifestyle. Learning however could be a lot more productive if I took all the extra out of my life. A simple instance would be: “Okay I’m learning a new language.” “I have so many notebooks. Which one goes well with my Synesthesia?” “Oh dang I made a mistake. Now I have to tear the page out.” or “Oh dang I should have used this pen/pencil in this notebook rather than this one.” “This color scheme is all wrong.” “I quit, there’s too many options & I’ll never be satisfied.” So basically me not focusing on the important task, but rather on the aesthetic of it all. Which isn’t completely bad. Aesthetics distract us from the bare reality of life. It’s just that I realized I don’t need this many options when I’m trying to stay focused & accomplish a simple goal.

Health. I should definitely expand on this idea in another post. Actually I think I will. Health is important people. Stay present.

I know I said that I’m pretty good at the serenity aspect of my life, but something I struggle with is being present. I’m always thinking ahead. Always thinking of each possible situation, how I could react to it, the different conclusions, etc. I’m never not thinking of what I should do next & I realize that I’m not truly enjoying life in the moment, but just the outcomes for a short period of time. Although we’ve been thrown “Life is not about the result, it’s about the journey” quotes frequently throughout our lives so that it loses significance, it’s true & holds a profound effect. I want to be minimalistic so that I’m aware of what I’m using. So that I’m aware of what I’m running out or need or need to discard. So that I’m aware of my feelings towards objects even more than relying on my passive Object Personification Synesthesia. I want to realize that I’m living on planet Earth in this year, at this day & time, and understand everything that I touch, see, smell, hear, taste, or whenever I get those senses mixed up cause I f*cking have Synesthesia. I don’t need any more or any less. If I’m truly grateful for what I have then I should appreciate absolutely everything & give them all the recognition they deserve.

These are my thoughts on the present at least. It’s quite liberating to go through everything you own, touch it, remember when was the last time you used it, thank it for being in your life, then placing it accordingly. I realize that I sound like a “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” enthusiast parrot, but objects have always had personalities to me so it makes sense to treat them the way I want to be treated.

Not kept around for no reason. Not being used to its full potential. Rather, being loved, used, & thanked accordingly.

Later Sweethearts,


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