Being Vegan

Disclaimer: I started writing this post in 2016 & periodically added to it. I decided to become fully vegan starting the year of 2017.

Hi my name is Priscilla & I was raised in the South of Texas where family members would hunt for fun & if you had too much green colored food on your plate people thought you were dieting or had cancer. I’ve been a vegatarian for 8 years and you can see a detailed post on why I became a vegetarian here: Being Vegetarian, but I basically suddenly became allergic to meat when I was a junior in high school. Don’t believe me? Here’s a podcast on a woman’s experience with suddenly becoming allergic to meat: Alpha Gal. It’s a real thing people, just accept it.

During these 8 years I did eat eggs & dairy sometimes & would eat fish when I ate at a restaurant. I’m basically allergic to “core” meats (beef, chicken, pork, etc) so that’s why I had to narrow my diet down. Although I would get itchy on random parts of my body when I ate dairy and would break out more often as well.

I’ve decided to become vegan on two accounts.

  1. I’ve always had a lack of energy & wanted to gain more.
  2. My stomach would often feel uneasy or I would get bad reactions on my body.

Actually I’m scratching at a random rash right now from eating cheese a few days ago (pizza is my weakness gdi.) [2016] This lack of energy is extreme y’all. I have spent an entire day in bed, only getting up to use the restroom & have even slept for 16 hours straight (waking up with killer back pains.) It’s that serious. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by my depression, but I’m going to take the chance & change my diet to see what difference it makes. I’ve already tried meditating, being grateful & present, & being cynically optimistic (?) so this is another attempt at bringing energy back into my life. Was it even there in the first place? Who knows.

Something else that has impacted this life changing decision is the fact that I have damn high standards (that I’m working on bringing down to reality.) I’m not saying that I want to live a posh lifestyle where I tell the Starbucks barista to make my Caramel Macchiato with soy milk, no whip, hold the caramel, add 3 shots of espresso, & nevermind this isn’t ethical anyways let me go to a small local shop & bother them there. I’m talking about high standards in adherence with what I choose to put into my body. If you’re a conscious citizen of the world then you’ve probably seen multiple documentaries on the food industry, know about the Monsanto act, & that the foods we eat today contain chemicals to either sustain growth throughout off-seasons, make perishables have a longer shelf live, or make food bigger to feed more people & their ever-growing stomachs.

I want to know more about what I’m putting into my body & why. I already understand that if I eat sugary foods then I’ll want to eat more. It’s like a “cocaine effect” from the rise of dopamine that we get from the sugar. I’m very prone to dopamine highs (see my post “Why I’m Addicted to Working Out“), so understanding why I keep craving certain foods helps me ration my food portions or cut them out completely (I actually stopped eating ice cream for 2 years for funsies.) I want to start making my own food from scratch (not necessarily gardening, but that may occur in the future) & if I crave something I have to work for it rather than lay on my couch & shove something into my mouth while I focus on something else. Was that sexual? Hah

Basically when I was an ovo-lacto-pescatarian I could still opt out on easily accessible foods. I would heat up Boca “burgers”, put it between 2 slices of honey bread, add in a slice of cheese & call it a day with an upset stomach. I never had friends or family members to show me the other options I had with food, so I defaulted to the “easy in easy out” method of buying frozen food that didn’t contain meat. With being vegan I hope to gain more out of the foods that are available to me. I mean I do live in a developed first world country, I have the means to afford better quality food, so why not expand my pallet, find out what works best with my body, learn how to cook, & ultimately learn what my body needs when & how to get it that component in an organic matter that doesn’t cause me harm or discomfort?

I only have this life that I will remember the most on my death bed & when I look back at my life & choices I could either say “Wow Priscilla you did all you could & gave it your best.” or I could say “Dang Priscilla you’ve lived an unsubstantial life where you threw food in your mouth & never truly enjoyed living.” I hope I choose the first.

Although, I am a jerk so I’d probably still say the second phrase in the end lol

I also wanted to note that throughout my 23 years of living on this great dirty green bubble I’ve developed random allergies. I was allergic to crab for 7 years (now I’m not), I was allergic to chocolate for 2 years (now I’m not), I’m allergic to meat (not even gonna try to eat it because of what it did to me #betrayed), eating eggs gave me terrible gas and migraines (still do), cockroaches (wtf you don’t eat those), and most recently I was reminded that I’m allergic to medicine.

Yes my friends, your smart internet friend Priscilla forgot how badly she reacts to Nyquil/Dayquil. I woke up with a sore throat one day this January (contracted by a few sick coworkers), decided to take Dayquil before work, and ended up being ultra drowsy and getting slight vertigo.

But ultimately, my aunts on my mother’s side are allergic to a ton of commonly used medicines and didn’t find out until later on in their lives. I understand that I could always become allergic to anything, but going the natural route to cure my ailments sits better with my conscience. If a chemical in a medicine doesn’t work with my body then it’s out. If a chemical in a food doesn’t work with my body then it’s out. I just feel more at ease by putting natural products in my body rather than man-made mind controlling government shit. … I know what you’re thinking: HIPPIE LIBERAL. Yeah, whatever. But I’m just trying to protect my microbes man.

Actually let me speak briefly about that without the silliness. I choose not to take as many chemicals as I can because I don’t want to remain dependant on them. I don’t want to be that person that pops 4 advils a day or takes Excedrin once a week to get rid of back pains. I want to understand the root cause of these pains whether they be what I ingest, my posture, lack of exercise, lack of meditation, etc. I just don’t want to be another part in the machine of society that takes advil everyday, then has to take another medicine to lower their cholesterol, then has to take yet another medicine to lower their blood pressure, until I’m 65 & taking 13 pills a day. I would much rather understand food (I mean it exists to nourish our bodies) to heal my body than immediately run to chemical and preservatives that don’t belong there. But that’s just me.

I could go on and on about the benefits of veganism and why I decided to give it a shot, but these are a few of the main reasons why I chose this lifestyle. I’ll definitely do separate blog posts in the future and try to show y’all how to make easy vegan food and give y’all the most tasty alternatives.


1 Week Vegan:
I’ve only been vegan for a week, but I already feel better. My head doesn’t feel as foggy as before and I have more energy. I actually want to do stuff after work other than laze around and watch Netflix and I think my creativity got a boost as well. To be clear I was vegetarian for 8 years so me going vegan is taking honey, ice cream (other forms of diary, I didn’t drink straight milk during this time), cheese, eggs, natural flavoring (& other animal products) out of my diet and that’s basically it. I was already on a good path towards veganism, especially since I didn’t eat animal products daily, so for me this transition wasn’t difficult. See below on why I think taking these few items completely out of my diet helped me.

1 Month Vegan:
I was planning on writing a full blog post on my anxiety issues to completely convey to my audience exactly how badly stricken I am with being filled with worry, doubt, anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc, but basically it’s bad. I detest when shy people say “I have social anxiety” because honey you don’t know what true crippling social anxiety/phobia is. Anyway, it’s a strange and wonderful side effect that I’m feeling but I don’t feel unnecessarily anxious anymore. I will definitely have to write out a blog post on my anxiety, but just imagine a woman who has so much social phobia that she can’t even say hi or make eye contact with anyone. Someone that vomits at the thought of going to the store and someone who stays in most days. That’s me or should I say that was me. I don’t know why but I am actually able to go about my day with little to no anxiety after 1 month of being vegan. I can walk around freely, smile at people, actually make small talk, participate in conversations, not stutter when speaking, make eye contact, and initiate conversations. It’s like I’m a totally new person & I think that taking some of those harmful ingredients out of my diet helped reduce my anxiety greatly. I should have turned vegan years ago goddamnit.

I just had a thought about my anxiety reducing dramatically after becoming vegan. I’m wondering if there’s a chemical or ingredient that I took out of my diet that caused the drastic drop in anxiety or if it’s because my new vegan lifestyle pushes me to be more present about what I’m doing. When I was a vegetarian I would often become ungrounded or daydream way too often, but after becoming vegan I had to stay aware of my body and what I put in it. It’s probably a domino effect where I became more present of the moment because I started to become more present about the ingredients I’m ingesting.

In any case, I’m glad that I chose to be vegan. The universe pushed me to take out meat completely 8 years ago because of an allergy and it’s led me to the point in my life where I’m more present, conscious, and have a stronger voice for the voiceless.

If you’re interested in becoming vegetarian, vegan, or wanting recipes on meatless (& no animal products) meals then please contact me! I will be happy to help you. But if you’re a troll looking to start an argument about the diet and lifestyle I’ve had for the past 8 years then BYE.


Later Sweethearts,

2 thoughts on “Being Vegan

    1. I think it’s definitely helped me become more confident because 1. I have more energy. 2. I spend that energy exercising & working to improve myself. 3. I eat cleaner so I don’t gain weight easily from junk food & my skin is glowing!
      I’m excited for your journey into veganism!! Please keep me updated!💕

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