Tuska 2017: Stockholm First Layover

Our initial flight from the U.S. to Sweden was delayed by 40 minutes, so our 7 hour layover turned into 5 hours. Leslie and I had planned out our day, but had to make drastic cuts because of the time lost. We had originally planned to visit the Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan during our first layover, but sacrificed the Vasa Museum this time.

We took Norwegian airlines to Sweden and honestly if you’re 5’2″ like me you’ll need help getting your carry on into the top bin. The airplane is higher on the inside probably because Scandinavian/Nordic people are freakin tall. The plane ride there was pretty cold too, but I slept through it entirely so it didn’t bother me much.

When we landed we took the Arlanda Express train from the airport to Stockholm and it only took 20 minutes. In Terminal 5 there is a place downstairs that has lockers you can rent out for like $25. We left our carry ons in there and took the train to the city. The train was very clean and the scenery was so beautiful on the way to Stockholm. At the end of my trip I was kind of mad that I currently live in a place that’s not as clean as Sweden lol It’s so beautiful there that it’s unreal. Even their graffiti is organized wtf


We were kind of lost when we arrived at the station. They have like 3 modes of transportation there and the ticket to Gamla Stan (literally a stop away from where we were) cost $45!? We spoke to a representative and they told us that we could walk there so we did. The weather was perfect btw and Gamla Stan’s aesthetics were amazing. We kind of walked aimlessly around the area and found a cool record shop that sold all the music I listen to! Like they literally sold Antic Cafe y’all!! I was gushing over the artists I found there and the store owner was cheesin’ the whole time. I wish that we had more time there!


If you ever get lost in Stockholm or have a question definitely do not hesitate to ask someone. Everyone there is honestly so friendly and I wasn’t offended at all during my time there. Also we saw a poster randomly for Sabaton Open Air and I was kind of shook. I knew that Sabaton was a pretty popular band, but I didn’t know they were that huge. I actually experienced this feeling quite a few times during this trip. I listen to bands like Reckless Love and Santa Cruz, but in the states they seem like smaller bands. When you actually go to their homeland though they are so popular it’s hard to understand their magnitude.


I’ll just add pictures now since our time in Stockholm was pretty short. We made it to the airport in time for our flight to Finland and met another girl from Dallas who was going to Helsinki for the first time too (not for Tuska)! Also when I went through security TSA pulled my carry on to the side because of… wait for it…

I had 6 packets of Poptarts and they didn’t know what they were 😂 I laughed & offered him a pack, but he couldn’t take it. It wasn’t a huge issue, but now I’m sad that Sweden doesn’t have poptarts ☹️

Click on the photos to enlarge!

Next I’ll tell you about my first day in Helsinki!

Later Sweethearts,

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