Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 3


IMG_3916The gates on the 3rd day opened at 2pm, but my friend and I forgot so we got there around 1pm and people watched all the other people that forgot the gate opening time too lol

The only bands I wanted to see that day were Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica, and possibly Mastodon. This was the ~hot~ day meaning that Finnish people were walking around with their shirts off, in shorts, etc and I was in my uniqlo jacket 😁



Battle Beast 7/2 14:45-15:30

We headed straight to Battle Beast’s stage since I wanted to get as close as possible (we made it to the 2nd row!) My friend hadn’t seen them live and only heard maybe one song from them beforehand, so this was her first real experience of the band. They played all of my favorite songs and it was overall a really fun set. I took some photos but they kind of suck because I’m short and the lights were constantly flashing on stage.

We walked around the festival between sets. Autograph sessions were announced randomly during the festival again and we managed to get Sonata Arctica’s autographs. Again, they were nice people but I didn’t really have a conversation with them or anything else memorable. I was SUPER STOKED that Apocalyptica was having a signing session that evening though!

Before Apocalyptica’s set I was struggling in the covered seated dining area in the VIP section. My period was really trying to destroy me so I had to sit down for like 1 hour and try hard not to pass out from pain. I remember taking 2 Midols and downing half a beer before running off to see Apocalyptica. I made it to their set at the main stage a few minutes into their opening song and met an American HIM fan from the previous day. My friend Leslie wanted to get as close as she could for Sonata Arctica’s set at the tented area so we parted ways there.



Apocalyptica 7/2 17:35-18:35

I wasn’t as close to Apocalyptica’s set as I wanted to be, but it was still amazing to actually see them perform live. I’ve been a fan of Apocalyptica since I was 12 (I started to really get into Finnish bands ~3 years after I discovered HIM) and I’ve said this a thousand times on this blog but I truly never thought that I would see them perform live. I really loved everything about their set. I felt like I was watching performers in their natural habitats and the headbanging while playing the cello live is really something that every Apocalyptica fan should experience! There was a moment during their set where Eicca (he has a really beautiful name btw) broke a string on his cello and without any hiccups at all Perttu stepped in and started playing his cello like a mad man! Like he was covering Eicca while he seamlessly changed the string on his cello and that honestly blew my mind. I love this band.


I was fortunate enough to get Apocalyptica’s autographs and have a conversation with Eicca and Mikko, but I’ll get to that in a second. While I was waiting in line for their autographs with the American girls I met the previous day I spotted Gas Lipstick’s wife Natalie. I follow her fashion blog so that’s why I noticed her immediately (she’s really beautiful), then looked around her and noticed Gas with their daughter. I couldn’t believe it so I asked my friend if that was really him and she was like “oh shit yeah.” She went to take a photo with him and initially I didn’t want to bother him, but I changed my mind and got a photo. We didn’t have a conversation since every other HIM fan there noticed what we were doing and wanted a photo/autographs too.

Okay back to Apocalyptica’s autograph session! So I’ve been a fan of them for 12 years and they are super humble and easy-going people! If my memory serves me correctly I met Franky, Eicca, Mikko, Perttu, then Paavo. When I came up to them Franky & Eicca asked me where I was from. I told them California and they asked specifically where. I told them East Bay and I didn’t think they knew where that was, but they told me that they were having a show in Oakland in September of this year and I was speechless. It’s so cool for a foreigner (I mean they do travel a lot but I honestly didn’t think that people cared that Oakland is in East Bay for some reason?) to know the area that I was talking about. I was expecting them to say “Oh is that near San Francisco?” but no y’all they knew exactly where the fuck I was talking about. I was literally so speechless that I couldn’t talk to Perttu or Paavo but say “Hi” and “Thank you” to them. They are wonderful people and I’m totally seeing them in September! I already bought my tickets haha


After getting their autographs I decided to try and find my friend at Sonata Arctica’s set. I knew that she would be in the front and would be waiting for someone to get a setlist. I found her and she was SO LIT it was great. We both walked back to the main stage to see Mastodon and I saw another band member walking by us! Teemu came out of the VIP area where they hold private shows and I ran to him to ask for a photo. I usually try to make my interactions with band members as brief as possible since they obviously came out to watch another band play live. My friend and I watched Mastodon’s set for a good while then went back to the VIP area.


While we were there we saw Pär from Sabaton chillin with a beer. My friend is a huge fan of Sabaton, but was too shy to ask for an autograph. So I went up to him and explained that my friend was too shy to talk to him, but that she really wanted his autograph. He was like “she doesn’t need to be shy” and said of course he would give her an autograph, etc. His friends were super nice too and I spoke to them for a bit while he was talking to my friend. We both got photos with him and I think he was like 50% lit/drunk lol Nice guy!


Before we left the festival we went to the CD booth again to check out what they had left. We were looking for the Paara CD (again lol) among other random artists. When we had almost given up I looked down on the table in front of me and saw 1 copy of “Olet Mun Kaikuluotain” The store owner was talking to my friend when I discovered this, but when I picked it up I think he saw the look on my face and gave me a discount based off of my happiness lol It was 15€ but he sold it to me for 10€. I think he said it was like a “last copy/last day of Tuska” discount and I stared at him in disbelief for like a good 5 seconds before I eagerly told him that I would definitely buy it. Copies of “Olet Mun Kaikuluotain” are sold out online and I got #943 out of 1,000 ❤️ Nevertheless I had a mini freak-out as I was leaving the festival grounds.

Gates closed at 10pm that day and we went straight to the hostel since we were planning on visiting Estonia the next day. It actually took me a while to fall asleep that night because the sun didn’t want me to, but also because the snoring girl was really tired that night. The girl had to kick her bed twice, but then she started snoring with her when she finally fell asleep 😭 I need professional earplugs next time man.


Thanks for reading about my Tuska experience! I’ll post photos of the shirts I bought at the festival down below. The next post will be about my day trip to Estonia!


Later Sweethearts,

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