Tuska 2017: Day in Tallinn, Estonia

After the Tuska festival was finished we decided to take a day trip to Estonia! You can read about my amazing time at Tuska here!

We woke up damn early that day in order to get to the ferry and check in on time. I think we woke up around 5am? We chose the Silja Tallinnk Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and it was a 2 hour trip both ways. I mentioned this in the breakdown post, but our email initially told us to go to Terminal 1 to board, but it was closed. We walked around the empty terminal waiting for someone who spoke English to help us get to where we needed to be and literally ran to Terminal 2 to catch the ferry a few minutes before it departed.


Fast forward to landing in Estonia! We walked 15 minutes to get to the town square and it was raining quite a bit. The rain actually made the area seem more quaint once we stepped into it. We walked through a couple of shops while it rained and stopped at a cafe because we were actually super tired by that point 😪 I asked the waitress what Estonian drink she recommended and after parsing out the vegan options the bartender decided that the Vana Tallinn was the best Estonian drink they had so I tried it. It was SO strong (coming from a person with a low tolerance for alcohol 😓) that it literally almost set me to sleep!

Leslie had the cheesecake btw

When the rain stopped we walked around pretty aimlessly. Of course we had pre-planned places to visit, but when you’re in the moment with the whole day open it’s hard to not get lost. We visited Town Wall, Town Hall, a random area that you had to take stairs to get to (I know so helpful right), the oldest Pharmacy there, and lastly the Depeche Mode Baar!

Estonia was cute and I already mentioned the appearance/language/cultural barrier in earlier posts, but that was the only thing that disappointed me about that area. You might think this is lame, but the Depeche Mode Baar was recommended to me countless times and it did not disappoint!


We walked into the bar right as it opened because we just wanted to chill there for the rest of the day until the ferry arrived to take us back to Helsinki. When you walk in you immediately hear Depeche Mode (ofc), but the total atmosphere was quite amazing! The entire bar was covered in Depeche Mode memorabilia, photos, autographs, and the walls were all black and white! There were 3 sections to the bar and we went to the back where a DJ could play (one wasn’t there that night, it was like a random Tuesday lol) and chilled there for a good while. I wanted to order a “Personal Jesus”, all the drinks were named after songs btw, but the bartender suggested another sweeter drink. It wasn’t bad and woops I think we fell asleep there 😅

Now everytime I hear a Depeche Mode song I feel instantly content ☺️

That was mostly what we did with our time in Tallinn. It was a pretty quiet day and we didn’t have much energy, but I’ll remember the feeling of being there forever. Here’s some extra photos of the sun and the moon chilling together at the SAME DAMN TIME at 10:30pm (full disclosure: I know that the sun & moon are constantly out) and I also fell asleep in the Burger King on the ferry twice ✌🏽


In the next post I’ll talk about my day in Helsinki!

Later Sweethearts,

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