Tuska 2017: Second Layover in Stockholm

Hello internet~ This is the last post about my trip to Finland for Tuska 2017/to see HIM play live in their homeland 😁 I hope that you enjoyed the posts before this!

We woke up early after our day in Helsinki to catch a bus to the airport for our plane that was leaving around 8am. I think our plane ride to Sweden was like 2 hours maybe, but with the time difference it turned out to be around an hour. I didn’t choose my seat beforehand and ended up in a window seat on the emergency exit rows, so I couldn’t have anything on my person throughout the entire trip 😑 Like I literally had a jacket on and the crew told me to take it off and put it in the overhead bin wtf

When we arrived in Sweden for the 2nd time we checked out a locker and headed to the Vasa Museum. Sometime during one of these layovers I had really wanted to see the ABBA museum, but plane delays, the time difference, time to get out of the airport didn’t allow me to experience the museum on this trip (but there will be others!)

We walked to the Vasa Museum since it was a straight shot from the central station (we took Arlanda Express to Stockholm again ofc) about 10 minutes at most away. There were a ton of tourists there when we arrived! Despite the number of people the trip there was pretty quick. We easily got tickets (around $15) and when you walk into the main area the gigantic Viking boat is the first thing you see 😂 I’ll share some photos here, but they will not capture the intensity and size of this boat! I couldn’t fit it in one photo and my camera has a pretty wide capture 😱 I could have spent forever gazing at the details there, but we had to leave after a few minutes in order to catch our plane back home.

And that was basically the extent of our second layover in Sweden! We went back home and I unloaded all my Moomin mugs and continued my boring everyday life 😭

Thank you all for reading and I hope that I can have more cool adventures like this soon😊


Later Sweethearts,

4 thoughts on “Tuska 2017: Second Layover in Stockholm

  1. Hi,
    sorry to tell you, but the Vasa ship has nothing to do with vikings. It was built in the 17th century, whereas the vikings were around “during the late 8th to late 11th centuries” (Wikipedia)
    Nonetheless a mighty wreck and definitely a place worth a visit!
    Thanks for your Tuska blog posts, I’ve enjoyed reading them! I was there as well… 🙂

    1. Hey don’t be sorry! I wasn’t taught anything outside of Texas history in my history classes so thanks for the info 🙂 Tuska was amazing wasn’t it!?

      1. Oh yes it was, always is! I think the most remarkable thing (besides the bands of course) about the festival is, how well behaving and friendly the metalheads are. There are no fights or anything like that, despite the amount of beer and other alcohol consumed! 🙂 That’s not necessarily the case with other festivals in Finland… 😀
        Also the police and other officials have given credit for the festival for that.

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